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Promoting and electing Conservative Republican Candidates to elected office.


Promoting Conservative Values

 Returning our Country to the Constitution and the conservative values it represents


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We endorse constitutionally conservative candidates and endorse candidates in both Republican primaries and General Elections.


Through our affiliation with the NC Federation of Republican Men we have a seat and input in policy making for the state party.


We have a direct communication channel with our Raleigh legislators

The price of Freedom is Eternal vigilance
– Thomas Jefferson


Our Top Priorities

Education of the election process, volunteers for precincts and poll watchers, outreach to non traditional Republican communities and support of conservative candidates

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Join our lively discussions, where we talk about current, state and national issues and our plan of action. Hear from informed guests.

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Our president and founder, Bill Moore writes a regular opinion column here, as well as other guest writers. Get Informed!

Featured Articles

Revamping the Schools Part II- Higher Education

In my previous column I discussed some basic strategies for raising our influence on school curriculum. The next level that needs to be addressed is on the State level. Our Legislators not only carry the purse strings for all of Education in North Carolina, they have...

Back the Blue, One Meal at a Time! August 14th

You are invited!!! Back the Blue, One Meal at a Time! Friday, August 14 at 11AM-2PM Trump Victory is teaming up with Latinos For Freedom. We will be feeding Brunswick police, EMS, firefighters and the public. So come out and support the Blue and enjoy FREE lunch!...

It’s time to Re-Boot American Education part 1

It’s time to Re-Boot American Education part 1

In a previous column I discussed the effect COVID19 will have on our students in the short term. I argued we need to re-open schools immediately as it will have a major negative affect on the majority of students if we do not do so. However we also need a long term...

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