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Promoting and electing Conservative Republican Candidates to elected office.


Promoting Conservative Values

 Returning our Country to the Constitution and the conservative values it represents


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We endorse constitutionally conservative candidates and endorse candidates in both Republican primaries and General Elections.


Through our affiliation with the NC Federation of Republican Men we have a seat and input in policy making for the state party.


We have a direct communication channel with our Raleigh legislators

The price of Freedom is Eternal vigilance
– Thomas Jefferson


Our Top Priorities

Education of the election process, volunteers for precincts and poll watchers, outreach to non traditional Republican communities and support of conservative candidates

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Join our lively discussions, where we talk about current, state and national issues and our plan of action. Hear from informed guests.

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Our president and founder, Bill Moore writes a regular opinion column here, as well as other guest writers. Get Informed!

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Biden and the Left speak Unity but push Subjugation

Biden and the Left speak Unity but push Subjugation

All we hear from President Biden and his Leftist /Democratic friends is that it is time to come together and unify as a Nation. Yet like a master magician they keep you focused on that while they push you to conformity through fear and intimidation. My first example...

Until Our next Post…. A Salute to Donald Trump

As the term of President Trump ends I cannot help but remember an old custom that was started in the US Calvary and was passed on for generations to Soldiers in what evolved into the Armor branch of the Army. As transfers or retirements happen we never said goodbye....

An Open Letter to Joe Biden

Dear VP Biden At this time you may or may not be the President- Elect, time will tell. There are many of us that do not believe the Constitution states that FOX, CNN, CBS ETC decide who is President. Until each State certifies their results and the Electors meet and...

We, the People, have the Freedom and Power to Impact the Future of our Country. Come Join Us!

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