By Bill Moore

I am sure, like me, many of you have concerns about voting for Republicans in the 2018 election.  I have pondered if I should bullet vote and ignore many of the people running.  I have considered how little support Republicans at the National level have given President Trump and the platform he espoused and we support.

However, as we look at the various levels of the Party, we see that many have in fact done their jobs for us.  Let us look at each level. At the Federal level there are some Republican Congressmen who have earned our support and most of the time voted in support of the Trump Agenda.  An example is David Rouser from the 7th Congressional District in North Carolina.  In his case and others across the Country  President Trump has received their votes even after their leadership was at best lukewarm to Trump and his plans/ideals.

It is important for voters to decide who to support level by level.  For example in North Carolina, our Republican majorities in the General Assembly have done a very good job on behalf of the people of this state.  Consider the fact that when they took control in 2010, with a Democratic Governor, they inherited the following:  A individual tax rate at over 7.5; a corporate rate just about as high; a debt of over $2 billion to the Federal Government; high unemployment; entitlement and Medicaid costs skyrocketing.

After 8 short years, and back under a Democratic Governor, the General Assembly has accomplished many things. Taxes have been lowered to about 5.5% for the individual and even lower for corporations.  A rainy day fund has been established and funded for emergencies.  The debt to the federal government has been paid off in full.  Over 600,000 jobs have been created as our tax rate has encouraged business to come to North Carolina. Teacher salaries have been significantly raised.  Steps are being made to curtail the cost of entitlements and Medicaid while actively seeking to eliminate fraud and waste in these programs. Have they done everything we want?  No, but I believe that is a good start and they deserve our support to continue what they are doing.

When Republicans control Government at the local level they are also meeting with success. Taxes are being lowered and School Boards in Republican hands are fighting to respond to the needs of the community.

What is the alternative to not supporting them? The Democrats at the State and local level have established a ground game that can only be defeated if Republicans turn out and support the candidates running for election or reelection.  If we do not support them, then we can expect the Democrats to fully engage their platform for North Carolina at the State and local Level.  The platform includes:

  • Raising Individual and Corporate taxes
  • Additional expenditures in entitlement and Medicaid programs. Their next step for Medicaid is to extend benefits to single working men as women and children are already covered by similar programs
  • Increase taxpayer funded abortions up to and including partial birth abortions
  • Using the students to try and pass gun control, political correctness and loss of other liberties.
  • Reinforce Common Core in our schools
  • Continued destruction and removal of historical monuments on public and private lands
  • Increase handouts to illegal aliens and most likely an attempt to make North Carolina a Sanctuary State.
  • Further erode and attack Christian Beliefs
  • HB2 resurfacing and in fact encouragement for local governments to defy state regulation
  • State officials forcing Corporations to give “voluntary” contributions to their personal slush fund. Most likely that would begin to trickle down to local officials since the State can do it.

It appears to me that Republicans and Conservatives, as well as Independents,  who care for their State have no choice but to support the Candidates at all levels who have delivered much of what we wanted. Remember it was Reagan who said:

 Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

Can you get a better description of what would happen if we allow the Democrats and the Left to return to power in North Carolina.