By Bill Moore

I am confident very few of you have heard of the activist group,” Color Of Change“.  But you need to be.  It was formed in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina by co-founders James Rucker and Van Jones.   Yes the Van Jones, the Czar run out of the Obama Administration. This organization bills itself as the Nation’s largest online Racial Justice organization.  It does most of its work through the internet and emails.  It also uses petitions and phone calls to deliver its message to selected individuals or organizations.  It claims to work on addressing injustices in the Judicial System, Elections, Media fairness and the Hollywood Project. This project works on getting more Blacks in front of the cameras in movies and on television.

The  group defines the purpose of the Color of Change (COC) is “to help people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us”.  As a national online force driven by over one million members, their purpose is to move decision- makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black People in America.

At times it calls itself the Carey Committee.  It is a Super PAC that raised $3.357 million for the 2016 election.   It actually spent $2.827 Million directly on the  election.  Some of its donors are the “who’s who”on the Left.  George Soros donated $400,000;  Move on. Org  approximately $100,000; Make NC 1st donated over $200,000.  The biggest donor was Dustin Moskovitz.  He was a co- founder of Face Book.  He left Face Book in 2007 and founded the company, Asana, that created  an app that helps teams keep track of its membersHe donated $1.75 million to COC.  Some of their expenditures during the election were:

  • $254,000 to try to defeat Trump
  • Over $183,000 to try to elect Hillary Clinton
  • Approximately $8,000 to try to defeat Senator Burr in NC
  • Approximately $44,000 to Support Burr’s opponent Ross
  • They also spent over $6,500 to try and defeat Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania

Your next thought might be so they are political and spend money like other left wing groups. Remember:  They pride themselves on internet and telephone actions.  Do not sell them short on their ability to mobilize calls and emails.  The big question is how do they readily get the phone numbers and emails they use to harass their targets ?

They tout their successes on their website They claim responsibility for :

  • 115,000 calls to Fox in 2008 complaining about their treatment of then Senator Obama in the Primary and Election of 2008
  • 640,000 signatures in support of removing Bill O’Reilly from Fox for Sexual Harassment
  • 86,000 calls to MSNBC and a petition of over 275,000 signatures to fire Pat Buchanan from   He was suspended from being on the air.
  • The Jenna 6 were six black students charged in Louisiana with attempted murder of a white classmate. COC invested $250,000 in legal fees for their defense and the Governor and other leaders received 300,000 calls in support of the Jenna 6.   Admittedly there were racial tensions involved but with the help of COC and others,  5of the 6 students charged had the charges dropped, pleaded ‘No Contest” and paid small fines and court costs.  They also served 7 days of probation.
  • COC claims credit for convincing the Congressional Black Caucus not to participate in a joint Presidential debate with Fox News.
  • COC was able to muster 25,000 calls that were instrumental in having Lou Dobbs dropped from his anchor duties at CNN based on his anti- Obama stances and his anti-illegal Immigration stance
  • In 2009 COC made over 285,000 calls to advertisers to get them to stop supporting the Glen Beck Show on Fox. About300 advertisers caved.
  • 40,000 calls later and COC convinced the Oxygen Cable channel not to premiere its new show “All My Babies’ Mamas”.
  • COC forced Fox channel to drop “Cops” which later moved to a smaller venue on a cable channel.

The point about Color of Change is twofold.  First they are a group that works well behind the scenes, is well funded, and is dangerous.  They will do anything to achieve their goals.  Secondly, we can learn from them.

They can effectively use their members to achieve many of their goals.  We must learn to copy their successes.  Consider the possibility that many of the Business leaders on the President’s Business Council were harassed into resigning and grabbed the first opportunity to resign.  How effective could we be to use our economic power to call businesses and tell them their actions in the political world are unacceptable and failure to change will cost them business.  Now multiply that call by the hundreds if not thousands.   Now if we call our Representatives daily to express our concerns, maybe they will begin to listen.  Petitions tied to calls and emails might just convince the people in power to do the right thing.

Color of Change is dangerous but highly effective.   They bear watching but also they can provide lessons on how to achieve our goals.