Bill Moore

Election Day is fast approaching. With some apologies to Charles Dickens I would like to describe two different outcomes for this Country based on the Election.

It’s January 2019 and the Blue Wave fizzles and the Red Wave dominates. Republicans keep the House and have some gains in the Senate. Under President Trump the economy continues to grow. People’s 401’s are gaining value quickly and a reasonable retirement is possible for many. Unemployment remains very low and since there are more jobs than unemployed, wages for workers are rising as competition for their skills increases. The Stock Market remains high as Trump has renegotiated many trade agreements to eliminate the unfair disadvantages to the US as written in the old agreements.

The Supreme Court has ruled many of his plans to address illegal immigration as Constitutional. Plans to start the “wall” are being finalized. New Laws are being considered that would limit certain abortions and ban partial birth abortions. New Bills are being considered that would protect Religious Liberty and Free Speech. America continues to regain its place of leadership in the World and continues to gain additional respect from other countries. Korea and the Middle East continue to become a little less explosive. Democrats continue to assault President Trump, his Cabinet and Justice Kavanaugh. But not being in power they can do little but raise a bit of noise.

At the State Level, The General Assembly continues to be controlled by Republicans who have maintained their Super Majority. They work hard to continue to reduce taxes and create more jobs by attracting more and more business to North Carolina. More jobs and more companies locating here further increase the tax base. Republicans continue to fund schools and expand offerings. They continue to give deserved raises to the teaching staff. Their Super Majority allows them to continue to do what is right by overriding the vetoes from Governor Cooper. HB2 remains a dead issue.

At the local level, Republicans are planning to reduce property taxes yet increase services as they look to eliminate waste. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Let us look at the Other January 2019. The Democratic Blue Wave was successful at all levels. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are now in charge of the House and Senate respectively. They vow to block any Trump initiatives. In addition, they start Congressional investigations into Trump, his taxes, and the Russian Connection. In addition they try to Impeach Trump and Justice Kavanaugh. Social Justice again moves to the top burner and the Democrats continue to push Social Issues.

The Democrats start passing budgets that increase entitlements and reduces military spending. Spending will go through the roof. Inflation will become a major issue. Democrats will roll back the tax breaks for individuals and Corporations. They will bring greater taxes on the wealthy. That will cause the economy to slow down and jobs to disappear, Unemployment will increase.

At the State level the Democrats have taken control of the General Assembly. They are planning raising taxes on both individuals and corporations. In this scenario none of amendments passed. Democrats could raise individual taxes from the current 5.5% up to the 10 % allowed by the current NC Constitution. They are planning to move forward on HB2.  They will continue to move forward with their anti- hunting agenda. Business will start to consider relocating as business taxes increase. That means a loss of jobs. Democrats continue to push their radical social agenda. At the local level, Democrats now in power will start to increase taxes and increase entitlements.

In January, it can be the BEST of times or the Worst of times……