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Southeast Republican Men’s Association

Our Story

The Mission of the South East Republican Men’s Association (SERMA) is to support, promote and help elect Republican Constitutional Conservatives to office. Our Republic depends upon its citizens to vote in and hold accountable elected officials who protect and defend our Rights in the Constitution.

Our Chairman and Co-Founder, Bill Moore, writes a regular opinion column here, as well as other Constitutional Conservative guest writers.

What Makes Us Special?


We endorse constitutionally conservative candidates and endorse candidates in both Republican primaries and General Elections.


We have a direct communication channel with our Raleigh legislators


Through our affiliation with the NC Federation of Republican Men we have a seat and input in policy making for the state party.

Chairman – Bill Moore

Bill currently serves as Chairman of SERMA. Both Harry and Bill make frequent trips to Raleigh to meet with legislators to discuss policies that impact North Carolinians.

Bill has extensive experience and knowledge in different sectors. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army and has served as, to name a few, Platoon leader, Logistical Chief and Commander. During this time, Bill also pursued and achieved his Masters in School Administration.

After his retirement, Bill directed his attention, time and focus on the education field. He served as a teacher, HS Principal in New York and North Carolina. As a result, he has first hand experience with the issues facing both teachers and students.

Bill is a strong proponent of both our US Constitution and our NC State Constitution. He works with legislators to focus on policies that empower our citizens with greater opportunities, protecting and safeguarding our freedoms and keeping a check on government over reach and regulation.

Harry Knight – Vice Chairman

Harry currently serves as the SERMA Vice Chairman. Harry and SERMA believe that governments at all levels need to be accountable to the taxpayers for prudent and beneficial use of their hard earned tax dollars. Harry believes there is no such thing as government money, it is all taxpayer money and should be treated as such at all levels.

Harry Knight grew up in West Virginia on a small family cattle farm graduating from High School in 1981 and continuing on to graduate from West Virginia University’s College of Engineering in 1985.

Harry began his corporate career in Upstate NY at the country’s premier Naval Nuclear Power Research and Training Facility serving in roles both as training personnel and operating Naval Nuclear Power Plants. In addition to these roles Harry managed the Dept. of Energy’s largest highly enriched spent naval nuclear fuel research facility at the time.

Harry has been a resident of NC since the spring of 2000 when he transferred to his current home in Wilmington NC, serving in senior management roles of Environmental, Health & Safety including Nuclear Facility Security, International transportation/logistics of hazardous materials and engineering upgrades of Reactor Plant Internal Components for Commercial Nuclear Reactors.

Harry retired early from the Nuclear Industry in 2013 starting his own small real estate investment and renovation company. Harry and his wife are also Real Estate Brokers at NC Southeast’s premier Real Estate Agency.

Because of his unique and varied background Harry firmly believes that all US citizens, or soon to be citizens, should have the opportunity for success like he had the opportunity. Excessive regulatory and taxation burden is a hindrance to that success.

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