Dear VP Biden

At this time you may or may not be the President- Elect, time will tell. There are many of us that do not believe the Constitution states that FOX, CNN, CBS ETC decide who is President. Until each State certifies their results and the Electors meet and vote the election is still in doubt.

Should you in fact win, I am writing to you for an explanation of what actions you will take to unite the Country. You have stated you will unite the Country and work just as hard for the people who did not vote for you as for those that did. Let us start with what beliefs we espouse that you will support. We are Pro -life and your campaign was pro -Abortion. How do you plan on breaching this gulf? Will you at least support a national ban on late term abortions as some type of compromise or will you ignore this issue?

We believe in an energy independent America and support fracking. You have taken positions that appear to flip flop on this issue. You claim to only want to stop fracking on Federal lands. Yet you have also stated you want to phase out all fossil fuels and replace it with alternative energy. In addition to this you claim this will create hundreds of thousands of jobs to replace the ones that will be lost with the fossil fuel phase out. In addition you plan on rejoining the Paris Climate change accords. How do you represent us and unite us when we oppose all of this?

Again you are going to represent everyone equally? We support low taxes for people and businesses. You have already committed to raising taxes by over $4 Trillion. You also said it will not happen to anyone making less than $400,000 a year. In addition, you indicated you would repeal the Trump tax cuts. If you do that you will be adding an additional $2,000 per person in taxes to middle class families as the tax cuts went to everyone in spite of what your party claimed. They make a great deal less than the $400,000 limit you proposed. How do you represent us when we are on opposite sides on this also?

Look at election reform. We all agree this election was a disaster based on what is happening. Yet your party is calling for election reform by ensuring “everyone has the right to vote. “ Instead of trying to deal with election fraud your party plans on extending the fraud in an attempt to permanently seize and stay in power. How do we work together and unite? You party plans on extending the vote to non- citizens, something we oppose. I am interested on what you will do to bridge this gulf.

Democratic leaders are already calling to develop lists to “punish “anyone that supported President Trump. This in itself brings me to the next issue. The 2nd Amendment allows us to protect ourselves and our families. Yet you and your party have indicated a desire to severely limit if not take away the right to Bear Arms. How do you represent our side in this discussion and unite the country? Another issue we support and your campaign did not address is the issue of Free Speech. It is apparent your followers and party leadership wants to limit speech to anything they agree with and declare anything they disagree with as “hate speech”. The Media has joined with your party to limit free speech that is Conservative in nature. It appears all the “fact Checkers” spend their time censoring our speech while allowing any Leftist/Democratic claim to go unopposed. How do you solve this issue to unite us?

There is the issue of Religious Freedom. Your claim to be a Religious man may fall short when your party wants to limit religious freedom. They are using the tax exempt status to control what is being preached in the churches. Why because many of the religious teachings are contradictory to the stands of your party. They include Abortion and Marriage just to name a few. How do you unite and represent us when the principles of your party are anti -religious and look to limit or remove religious liberty?

You also appear to be prepared to “Pack the Supreme Court” if you are allowed to do so. It is our hope the Senate stays in Republican Control to thwart these plans. In addition I understand you will do your best to use Executive Orders to cancel out the Trump Executive Orders in effects and to issue new ones to push your agenda forward. Again, this is an area where you will need to find a way to unite us as we oppose both. What do you plan on doing?

Law and Order is my final issue. Your party did little or nothing to stop the violence and destruction. People like me want law and order and the guilty punished. Your public support of the Police and a guarantee you will take whatever steps necessary to protect lives and property no matter who is committing the crimes would go a long way in bridging this gap. In addition, the guilty would be punished to the fullest extent of the law. However, your Party will not support that. How will you represent all of us?

Saying we need unity and actually taking steps to make it so is a different matter. Talk is cheap and actions still speak louder than words. If you truly want to heal and represent all of us you need to publicly address all these issues. I look forward to your actions in support what you say. If so maybe we can find a way to compromise. Otherwise I look forward to the 2022 and 2024 elections where we will again undo the Left’s Socialist Agenda