Bill Moore

The Election is right around the corner and getting closer by the day. You will be asked on Election Day to elect people who support the rule of law or people who will support anarchy through mob rule.

Consider the actions of the Democrats at all levels. They no longer have any boundaries. They will send paid activists posing as concerned citizens to harass Republicans, Conservatives or people they dislike every chance they get. Paid Democratic activists have no problem invading your office or demonstrating outside your home harassing not only you but your family.

They are famous for wearing outlandish outfits that offend many. A quick example is the “vagina hats “worn by women’s groups. Language is also an issue. Democratic activists have no problem cursing at you using the foulest language they know. The sad part is they either do not know any better or do not care.

Not only do they not care what they do they also believe they have the right to deny you similar rights such as Freedom of Speech, Religion or the right to Assemble. As an example, during the Kavanaugh hearings, Paid democratic activists filled up all the elevators in the Senate building and continued to ride them thus, denying entry to Conservative Groups. Democratic Political leaders and/ or staff published the phone numbers of Republican Senators so they and their families could be harassed at home.

Under the Rule of Law, you are innocent until proven guilty. That appears to only be applied to fellow Leftist Democrats. If you are a Republican/ Conservative you are guilty to proven innocent. Look at what happened to Kavanaugh, the Democratic Left fought to have him denied his appointment regardless of the fact there was no evidence the allegations were true. In fact there was ae ever growing pile of evidence supporting Kavanaugh’s innocence. The latest attacks on him call him a man whose temperament is not conductive to being on the Supreme Court. The Man who has been attacked at every turn by Democrats, and had his family scared by Democratic Activists, Upset? The man that was accused of many actions that were either not proven or later proved “Fake News”- Upset? The man who admits due to these unfounded attacks he can no longer coach his kids in sports, or teach a law class, Upset? I think based on what he and his family have been subject to, he has the right to be upset.
However, if you are a Democrat, the fact you have not paid taxes in years, have physically assaulted you wife/ girlfriend, lied about military service, sexually assaulted a worker or a significant other, is not a big deal. After all, you are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

They choose to intimidate through mob rule rather than facts. If given the chance at all levels to assume power they will abuse it and use it to further their beliefs, most contrary to the tenets that will continue to make America Great.

In November we have a choice, elect people who will run the county/ state or municipality under the Rule of Law or turn the Nation over to a group of anarchists who will attack and destroy the very fabric of this Nation.

Anarchy or Rule of Law- You Decide

I will vote Republican!!!!