By Bill Moore

The left has found a new way to get what they want, without the use of the ballot box.  They are using the Judges that they have carefully placed to get rulings that support the direction that they want to take the Nation.

They continue to challenge anything that impedes their ability to retake control of the Nation by using Judges that do not support the rule of law but support the concept “the ends justify the means”.  Their latest attempts are on multiple fronts.  The Left carefully selects Judges in States who they know will rule favorably on their lawsuits.  They hedge their bets by filing multiple lawsuits in multiple courtrooms of select judges.

They know at least one will be successful.  And if they win more than once they will have multiple attacks on a law that they want to be changed.  In their minds, and often the Courts, the more suits they win adds additional validity to their cause.  As the appeals work through the Courts, they buy time to delay some action, work out a compromise in their favor or actually  reverse a decision that they disagree with.

Looking at two recent actions illustrates their plan.  On the National front, look at the consistent lawsuits in specific courts stopping President Trump’s immigration proposals.  As they win in some courts , and lose in others, they eventually end up in the Supreme Court.  As soon as Trump won that final decision, their lawyers filed different but related suits in ” favorable Courts” again delaying implementation of an action they loathe.

In North Carolina, the Left has successfully kept the Redistricting of the State from being implemented by having Judges consistently rejecting plan after plan.  Their issue is power.  It does not matter that for over 100 years after each census, they drew the redistricting lines as they controlled the General Assembly during that period.  By delaying the implementation, they hope to get either a court mandated ruling that draws lines in their favor, or to buy enough time for the 2018 elections to take place.  If they can win enough seats they can either draw the lines themselves or at least force more favorable lines for their cause.

What makes all these actions even more dangerous is the fact that the Judges are ruling not based on the facts or on the law. They are ruling based on what they feel are the ulterior motives behind the  law. In Trump’s case,  the Judges consistently refer to a comment he “allegedly” made about Muslims as the reason that they keep blocking actions he clearly has the power to do under the Constitution. In North Carolina, under the State Constitution, the General Assembly clearly has the power to draw election district lines based on the 10 year Census.  However, the Left has cherry picked Judges that would support the concept that the motives in the redistricting are more important than the law.  Remember the Democrats used similar motives in the last 10 redistricting lines caused by the Census.  Are they really motives or just feelings that the Left decided must be the motives?  Either way that is an issue.

The bottom line is that we need to decide:  are we a Nation that follows laws or a Nation that allows feelings to be the basis for all decisions? In other words- Mob Rule.  What can we do?

First of all work to elect Judges that enforce the law, not write new ones based on their political beliefs. In North Carolina, the Democrats plan on investing over $1 million dollars on the elections of three Appeals Judges.  In fact the Left is already running TV adds over the judgeships in select NC areas.  Most of the funding is from out of State.  Donate if possible to Republican Judges, work for them, but most importantly, get out and Vote.  Also get Family and friends to do the same.

On the Federal level, we need to keep pressuring the Republican Senate to approve the Judges that Trump has nominated.  Next we must work to have Judges that refuse to follow the law  be impeached and removed from the Bench.  Congress has that power on the Federal Level.  The General Assembly has similar powers  in State level Judgeships.   In the meantime we must invest the time and resources necessary to challenge every attempt by the Left to undermine the law by motives or feelings. Donations to Judicial  Watch and similar organizations would help in the short term.

We must work to ensure our children and grandchildren live in a nation ruled by Laws;  Not Feelings/Ulterior motives.