By Bill Moore

Let me start by saying that my Conservative and Tea Party beliefs have caused me to continue to battle within the Republican Party to elect Politicians who support Conservative ideals.  As did many others, we supported Conservative candidates in the Primaries.  We won some and lost others.

However, a larger threat than expected has developed from the Left.  We know that the goal of the Left is to take control of the Congress in 2018.  It is well within their grasp.  They talk of a “Blue Wave” that will sweep them back into office.  While the possibility still exists that the “Blue Wave” is nothing more than a “Blue Ripple”, what is concerning me is that the actions of the Left are increasinging hostile and might endanger our Republic.

Let us look at the developing facts.  The Candidates that they are running are demonstrating greater and greater hostility to American ideals.  There is a Group of Communists now fighting to control the Democratic Party. In fact they defeated a leading Democrat in NY during the Primary.  Congressman Crowley, a democrat from the Queens/Bronx area, was defeated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Communist who espouses to be President.  She was supported by the Democratic Socialists of America. They are hardline, well- funded and motivated in the 2018 election.

Democratic Representative Maxine Waters is encouraging her followers to harass Trump officials.  Hilary Clinton refuses to condemn the harassment by the Left of Administration female officials.  Democratic Chair, Tom Perez, at a recent rally, called former President Obama, America’s real President.  The Left followed supporters from a recent Trump rally and attacked them and their cars as they left.

Now take a minute and consider what would happen if the Democrats really did have a “Blue Wave” and won both Houses of Congress.  I would imagine that they would:

  • Begin impeachment proceedings against Trump. Even knowing that they would lose, it would stall government and endanger his re-election bid in 2020.
  • Stop any border wall
  • Defund any attempts to stop their “open” border beliefs
  • Increase funding for Social programs
  • Decrease Defense Spending
  • Re-infest the “Deep State”

It is true that the Current Republican Congress has done little to Support the President.  We have some new faces that we hope to get elected in the fall to further support Trump.  But the fact of the matter is: if we do not support the more moderate Republicans in November, we will allow this Blue Wave to happen.

We must fight Fire with Fire and stop the Democratic Left from seizing control of the Country. Remember, if Trump had not won, we would have had President Hillary and the Left’s strangle hold on the United States would have been complete.

The Left is treating 2018 as a Battle Ground and they have pulled out all stops to win.  Think of it this way.  We win a few seats and help the President’s agenda.  Maybe we again have a Congress capable of doing little.  Consider the alternative:  Pelosi, Schumer and crew with the ability to stop Trump and again push the United States into total Socialism.

In every sense of the Word it will be Battle Ground 2018.  Once we win this fight we can continue to work on electing Republicans with Conservative ideals.

If we do not join in the Battle, 2018 will be nothing more than a school yard fight!!!!