All we hear from President Biden and his Leftist /Democratic friends is that it is time to come together and unify as a Nation. Yet like a master magician they keep you focused on that while they push you to conformity through fear and intimidation.

My first example is what just occurred with the FBI and Bank of America. At the request of the FBI, Bank of America (BOA), without permission or notifying its millions of customers, searched their records for clues as to who participated in the January 6th Capital break in/ demonstration. The fact that hundreds of thousands of Conservatives were present and protested peacefully has no bearing on the investigation. Several hundred people, including planted leftists, did the break-in and destruction but the Left wants to intimidate all of us. BOA identified to the FBI a list of several hundred people who partook in such terrorist activities as renting a hotel room in the DC area, buying food in the area, flying to or purchasing gasoline for your car in the DC surrounding area. In addition the FBI wanted to know who recently purchased ammunition or a weapon during this time. It is unclear how millions of records were turned over to the FBI as it could end up being a major government Data Mining operation. The Democrats/Left and their corporate supporters will use any excuse to identify who owns weapons and ammunition and try to intimidate the owners.

Look at what is happening to our Armed Forces. The Biden Administration has ordered a 60 day stand down of our forces. Purpose is to weed out right wing extremists in the units. Their claim is that there were active duty and veterans involved in the demonstration and later in the Capital fiasco. Please remember they found 12 soldiers out of 25,000 assigned to Washington DC who have “some right wing ties” but were forced to admit that they were not involved in any plot. It is my opinion that it is just another method of trying to frighten Trump supporters through veiled threats and ensure any Military people who supported Trump are forced out of the military or put in positions that have no power.

Look what has happened to Representative Green in Congress. She was identified as someone who talked about conspiracies by the Left all done prior to her election. Because of her pro Trump mistrust of government and statements made before she ran for office, she was stripped of her committee assignments where all but 11 Republicans voted against the motion. As a side note, the way the Democrats run things those committee positions are useless anyway. However, consider what many Democrats have stated that were lies or could be labeled as inciting violence and one wonders again about two standards. AOC and others have suggested Trump supporters should be sent to some form of brain reconditioning. Yet no steps to censure them, again they are Leftist Democrats. This is nothing but another attempt to try and intimidate Republicans and ordinary citizens. The implied thought is if we can do this to elected Republicans; think what we can do to you the ordinary citizen.

In addition consider no censure of any point to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Do you really believe it was just a coincidence that her family invested heavily in Tesla stocks just days before Biden signed an executive order requiring all Federal vehicles to be transitioned to all electric? But this is not an issue because she is a Democrat. Another blatant demonstration of the power they perceive to have and a warning to others we can do anything we want.

White Supremacy is another attempt by the Democratic Left to make Trump supporters cower at home to ensure they do not attempt to change any plan the Democrats try to pass. By pushing terms like “white privilege” and “white supremacy”, they are trying to make sure that Conservatives fear being called Fascists, Homophobic, Anti- minority, anti- women and anti- immigrant. They hope that such fears will cause Conservatives to stand down and not interfere in any way with the Democratic/Leftist agenda.

Again look at the latest attempt to attack the movie “Grease”. They are trying to have the movie banned as it is an anti – feminist plot. No consideration that the movie was set in the 1950’s and a good but fun look at the culture of the time. Again the message is that if you like the movie you are anti- woman. It is nothing but another attempt to shut you down.

The last thing the Left wants is Unity. Unity implies some form of compromise on key issues. What they want is for us to cower in fear and be subjugated to their every whim.

By their definition Unity is Subjugation. We must continue to fight for our beliefs!!!