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COVID19 is not trying to KILL me but COOPER Might

COVID19 is not trying to KILL me but COOPER Might

The more our “Fearless leader” Governor Cooper, delays returning the state to normal the more likely he is going to kill many seniors or others with ongoing issues. I unfortunately may be one of them. I start to wonder if Cooper has found a way to implement the “Death...

 It’s just a…….

 It’s just a…….

This was sent to me by a friend and is well worth sharing. I have made several attempts to find the author without success.  The best I could find was a six liner by a man named Forest Maready on Twitter. I have no idea who rearranged and expanded it but my salute to...

COVID19 are Americans a Pride of Lions or a Herd of Cattle

America has always been a nation of individualists that acted like a Pride of Lions. We have always coupled our individualism with a fierce belief in the freedom to choose for individuals and stubbornness to fight anyone who tries to impede that freedom. We have been...

I May Be Wrong But — Part 2

As we continually listen to leaders of the Democratic Party, I remain consistently surprised by the contradictions they espouse every time they open their mouths. It remains obvious they believe only in relative truths. Relative truths are those truths that fit the...

How Do Civil Wars Happen – Daniel Greenfield

How Do Civil Wars Happen – Daniel Greenfield

An Interesting Article from a friend of Bill Moore Subject: "How do civil wars happen? " How Do Civil Wars Happen – Daniel Greenfield Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country. And they can't settle the question through elections because they don't even agree...

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