By Bill Moore

In Part 1 of this 3 part series I addressed my concerns about the effect of Technology on our Culture and ways to bring it back into control. In this column I hope to address the second of the three areas of my concern, how a loss of “Faith in God” is effecting our Culture.

The dictionary defines “Faith” as a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. Another way might be belief in something or someone when there is no physical proof to support it.

Our Nation was created under Christian- Judeo beliefs.  Phrase after phrase in our founding documents can be directly taken from religion and the Bible.  The Founders were deeply religious and their faith was reflected in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. As a matter of fact the Bible and faith has been intertwined in our history until the early 1960’s.

In 1777 the Continental Congress ordered the purchase and distribution of 20,000 bibles throughout the Colonies for use in schools to teach reading and comprehension. The Congress again endorsed its use in schools in 1781.  In fact the staple for reading in most schools was both the Bible and Isaac Watt Hymns.  It was obvious that faith was an important part of our culture as this nation began to grow. As we move though History. In 1865 the Government added the term ” In God we Trust” to our coins. In the 1954, the Government again demonstrated its belief in God and accompanying Faith by adding to the Pledge of Allegiance the term ” One Nation under God”.

Things began to change in 1962, the Supreme Court banned Prayers in school. In 1963 the Supreme Court banned the voluntary reading of the Bible in Public Schools.  I believe this was the beginning of a Culture change away from Morality and to an “anything goes” mentality. David Barton, in his book Original Intent,  demonstrated how these rulings have changed culture in the 3 decades that followed. In 1951 the population of the United States was approximately 155 million people. In 1963 our population was approximately 189 million people. By 1993 it had grown to approximately 260 million, a population growth of about 60%.  Looking at the statistics made available from the various US Departments we can see a surge in this “anything goes” mentality with the removal of Morality and the bible from our education process.   Report is in actual incidents numbers

AREA                           Growth from 1951 to 1963    % Growth    Growth from 1963 to 1993   % of Growth

Violent Crimes               180,000 to 300,000                 60%               300,000 to 1.9 million           633%

Sex Trans Diseases      1.8 Million to 1.4 Million        -22%               1.4 million to 54 million*    385%

Single Parent **          4 million to 4.8 million              20%                4.8 million to 12 million      250%

AREA                           Growth from 1951 to 1963    % Growth    Growth from 1963 to 1993   % of Growth

Birth Unwed Girls***            12.5 to 15.0                       20%                  15.0   to 45.0                        300%

SAT Scores****                      970 to 980                          .0103 %           980 to 910                           – 7%

*High in this period was in 1990 and was 70 million people

** Female head no Spouse present

*** in Births per 100,000 girls

**** Combined score English and Math – Note this figures are prior to 2005 when the SAT was revamped

As demonstrated above a lack of Bible Study, school prayer and, I would submit, a loss of Faith in God can be demonstrated above. Do you believe it is just a coincidence that after the 1962-3 Supreme Court decisions things started to go downhill in many areas?

In 2017 the Pew Research Center published the Religious Research Study. It demonstrated many facts that will further prove my point. They include:

  • 63% of adults completely believe in God. 44% of them are men
  • Only 18% of 18 to 29 year olds are certain God Exists- 65 & over it is only 20%
  • 34% of 30 to 49 yr olds believe- 29% Believe in the 50 to 64% age group
  • 51% of Married people are certain God exists
  • Only 30% of Parents still raising kids are absolutely certain God exists
  • Only 49% of those that are certain God Exists attend religious services weekly
  • Only 40% of those that are certain God exists believe there is an absolute right and wrong
  • Of those absolutely certain in the existence of God 43% are sure of the Scriptures
  • Of those absolutely certain in the existence of God 87% are sure there is a Heaven
  • Yet only 72% believe in Hell
  • 53% of Believers in God believe Abortion to be illegal in all or most cases
  • 50% believe Homosexuality should be accepted yet only 41% support same sex marriage

An interesting fact demonstrated there is a correlation between Education and absolute belief in God. Interestingly the more Education you have the less you are a true believer. 43% of true believers went no further than High School. A college degree lowers that belief to 15% and post graduate work drops it to 9%. Now what does this mean? I strongly suspect that the Liberal takeover of Colleges are major reasons for the lack of Faith as our young receive more education.

As further proof of a loss if Faith, George Barna, founder of The Barna Group has some related data. This Group is a market research firm that specializes in studying religious beliefs. His research indicates 50% of Christians do not believe the Devil is real.

It is obvious that Faith in God is shrinking in our Nation. This undermining of “faith’ has a direct effect on how we behave as a nation.  We  have an Educational System that has decided God Is not welcome in school and the results stated above prove that to be true. They are taught to no longer believe in absolute truths but in relative truths based on the situation. This attitude is reflected in most of Society’s ills. Christians today  are quickly losing their belief in God. My reason for this is again based on facts. As stated above only 63% are completely convinced of the existence of God. Yet 84% of them believe in a Heaven. Strange that if 84% believe in a Heaven only 71% believe in the existence of a Hell. Only 43% of this group believe in the scriptures in the Bible and 49% attend services on a regular basis.

How do we change things? What can I individual or family do. A great deal. I suggest the following steps:

  1. Spend some regular time with the Family and discuss God, Heaven and the Bible. Explain what faith means.
  2. Either increase you attendance at religious services or begin to gather on a regular basis in small groups with Neighbors, friends or family to worship.
  3. Read the Bible as a family if not daily then at least weekly and discuss the passages read.
  4. Enroll you children in appropriate religious classes and make the time to discuss what happened during those classes
  5. Do not be afraid to admit you are a believer.
  6. Express your religious and personal beliefs with your Representatives at all levels. Vote your beliefs.
  7. Be aware that higher education will most likely be anti- religious. Either pick schools which are not or prepare your kids to engage those issues as they occur. And they will.


Changing the Culture involves addressing the issues that are moving our Nation in the wrong direction. These suggested moves coupled by the ideas suggested in the technology column will help reset the compass of our people. Will it be easy? No. Will it be time consuming ? Yes.  Is it worth it? Changing the direction of this Culture. Addressing the lack of Faith and moral fiber, as well as harnessing the power of technology in my opinion is both worth it and necessary. Anything worthwhile is time consuming.