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Educating Citizens on the constitution and their rights

“Making Government Work”

Coastal Carolina Accountability Project (CCAP) is a non- profit organization that seeks to offer free educational courses to all who will agree to participate. Each course is approximately one hour long and we will be glad to offer it at your site at a time of mutual agreement. As I said the courses are free and you can sign up for one course or a series of courses.

Please note if there is a course not listed and you would like us to consider offering it, please let us know. Typically we send a team of 2 to 3 individuals to teach the course.

If you could provide a screen for the power point presentations, that would be appreciated. Also if you already have a projector please let us know. Otherwise we will arrange to bring them with us.

If you would like to have a personal conversation regarding the courses we offer, and how we can help, please contact Bill Moore at 914.629.9280 or

Looking forward to working with you!

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    • Building a Budget– Teaching attendees how to develop a budget. It is most helpful demonstrating to HS students why to not drop out of school.
    • The Declaration of Independence– How the Declaration is based on Christian ideals
    • Principles of the Constitution– In two parts to understand the Constitution
    • Constitutional Checks and Balances– How does the Constitution provide a way for each Branch to have some control over the other?
    • How does our government make a law? – The way the Constitution provides a path for an idea to become a law
    • What did our Founding Fathers Say? – An understanding as to how the Founders believed each part of the Constitution worked
    • Constitutional Amendments– What amendments were made to the Constitution and what is still awaiting passage? How do you amend the Constitution?
    • Convention of States– How would a Convention of States work to amend the Constitution?
    • Republicans and the Afro American- community– An understanding how Republicans won and lost the Afro American vote and the truth of what is happening today.
    • Common Core– Develop an understanding of the ideas behind the Common Core program being offered by the Federal Government
    • U Decide Offerings– a series of hot button topics where we offer both sides of current issues and allows the attendees to decide who is right. Topics could include:
      • Voter ID
      • Immigration
      • All Lives Matter
      • Balancing the Federal Budget
      • Term limits
      • etc.!!!

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