America has always been a nation of individualists that acted like a Pride of Lions. We have always coupled our individualism with a fierce belief in the freedom to choose for individuals and stubbornness to fight anyone who tries to impede that freedom. We have been like a Pride of Lions, fiercely independent, strong individualists yet supportive of other members of the pride. This is especially true when it comes to family and defense of the pride. The pride will fight until the end, much like he American spirit of the past.

Contrast that to a herd of cattle. Though great in numbers, they are weak, easily controlled and picked off. Cattle can be manipulated to run, and gather together yet at the same time led to slaughter without much if any protest.

Democrats are using COVID19 to purposely turn Americans into a herd of cattle that can be easily controlled through fear and subtle intimidation tactics. Governor Cooper just announced he is keeping the State in phase 2 lockdown and is still refusing to allow gyms and bars to reopen. In addition he is trying to get all of us to wear masks outside if we cannot guarantee the 6 ft. recommended distancing.

Let us look at the facts about the virus. Nationwide the virus has claimed over 121,000 lives out of the over 56,000 confirmed cases. Do not take me wrong all lives are precious but the facts remain this is primarily attacking the elderly, especially those with some underlying previous condition. It could be issues with breathing, heart disease, or fighting some form of cancer. Add to that the mistake made by many governors that sent infected patients to recover in senior care facilities where the death toll hit 50% of the residents living there. The actual virus death rate nationally is about 5%.

In North Carolina the numbers are similar yet better. There have confirmed approximately 56,500 people to have the disease. Yet the Death rate is just over 1300 or a rate of about 2.3%. In New Hanover County there are 611 confirmed cases with 5 deaths or a rate of .008%.

Should there be targeted steps taken by government? Obviously is the answer. Seniors need to be careful, especially those with some preexisting conditions. Do we need to be pushed into a fear mode? I think not. Some Democrats are claiming this would be the new normal. One Democratic Governor claims we need to lock down until a vaccine is developed. I would like to remind him we have been working on an AIDS vaccine since the 1980’s.

Kids need to go back to school or we will never end this virus lock up. The fact is we need to develop as a nation what is called a “herd immunity” Kids basically do not get the virus so exposing them at school to someone who might have had it does little in illness but builds up immunity to prevent further rounds on any grand scale. This immunity would be shared at home and families would eventually be immune. Granted extended families with grandparents who are ill might need additional protection but in the long run it will be the immunity that defeats this virus not masks or lockdowns.

Medical Science now states the virus has an extremely short life in the outdoors especially when exposed to the sun. Yet for a while we were not allowed on beaches and other outdoor activities. How come it is impossible for us to gather in groups more than 10? It is different and allowed if you are part of a demonstration or rioting in the streets. Then there are no COVID issues.

No one has yet projected the deaths that will come from the lockdown and isolation. How many thousands of people were denied elective surgery that has now developed into something serious? How many will lose their lives to Cancer as chemo therapy was denied for months as part of the shutdown? How many people with mental illnesses hurt themselves due to the isolation from family and friends?

If the masks work then why not require everyone to wear masks and leave businesses open and alone? If they do not work why are we wearing them? Is this really about the virus or an attempt to sabotage an election by creating a situation where many will vote by absentee ballot or mandated mail in ballots where the Democrats can manipulate the results as they deem necessary?

Are we turning into a herd of cattle? Ae we so afraid of the virus we have become afraid to live life? If so these controls by government are just the beginning. We are in the process of forfeiting our individualism and like a herd of cattle gathering together to be controlled and slaughtered?

It is my hope that others will join me in seeing folly of what is going on. It is my hope we will begin to stand up to government and demand common sense solutions to issues not controlling ones with political agendas. I for one will not wear a mask in public. If there are protests against the lockdowns I will do my best to participate. Enough is enough. It is time for Americans to face unreasonable fears and demand our freedoms not be infringed. I for one prefer to be in the Pride not the Herd.