By Bill Moore

To paraphrase the Bible ” You will reap what you sow”.  Maybe we are beginning to see the Democratic Party and its leaders starting to harvest what they have sown.  Let us look at the seeds they have sown:

  • They have consistently attacked Republicans for their inability to do anything and their hatred of all the sections of the Democratic Party. They have labeled us as Racist, Homophobic, Religious zealots, Anti- Women, and not caring about anyone poor.
  • They said nothing when their supporters staged sit- ins at Republican offices or their homes.
  • They said nothing as these same supporters destroyed our property or cursed at our leaders.
  • They said nothing when their supporters insulted and demeaned our religious institutions by graffiti, urinating or destruction of our religious symbols.
  • They said nothing when their supporters gloated over the shooting incident or the train accident that Republicans recently endured.
  • They demand immediate rejection of support of Republican leaders when someone that can be traced as a person from the fight does something illegal
  • They could not even find the openness in their hearts to stand up and clap during President Trump’s State of the Union Speech when he mentioned:
  1. Fighting opioid addiction
  2. Bonus’ being received by Americans
  3. Lowest Black unemployment in History
  4. Merit based immigration

In short, they are telling their supporters on the Left that they will support and endorse whatever they do.  They are also telling their supporters to mimic whatever they do. However, it appears that the Democrats are beginning to feel the wrath of what they have sown.

They continuously tell their supporters not to ever compromise and that they have their backs. Remember the Democratic party is made of factions that they deliberately created.  They have their supporters divided by their issues with no overall issues to unite them.  They basically are telling their supporters to favor whatever everyone else wants and they will in turn support your desires, right or wrong.  They have created victims by dividing their supporters into camps; such as, Homosexual, Illegal immigrants, Afro- Americans, Unions, Women and their issues including  pro-abortion, equal pay, etc. The best way to explain what the Democrats have done is by using a candy machine.  Everyone in the Party supports the candy machine because what they want is in the candy machine.  Just as true is that everyone using the candy machine does not want the same thing.  That does not matter as long as what they want as an individual is in the candy machine.  They will support the machine.  Substitute Democratic Party platform for candy machine and you get the picture.

The Left/Democrats preach that America is a bad place run by White privilege and “bad Corporations” that exist on Crony Capitalism.  The problem for the Democrats is that they have allowed their base total freedom to do whatever they choose.  Their no compromise positions have hardened their base so they do not accept any compromise or failure.  Case in point, remember when the Democrats/Left were forced to end the shutdown of the government.  Parts of their base, illegal’s and those who want open borders, started demonstrating and attacking the DEMOCRATS.  They even took their protests to the private home of Senator Chuck Schumer, The Democratic Minority Leader in the US Senate.

Think of what their base will do as it becomes clearer that their Party is in fact heavily involved in Crony Capitalism with the very corporations that they have preached are evil.  The Left’s beloved Apple, or GE are still the enemy of their Base as corporations are inherently evil and exploitive.  As the truth comes out expect their Base to attack these corporations and the Democrats they are in league with.

And this is just the beginning.  The Democrats can expect their base to become even wilder against  them as they find out the truth of Global Warming, Voter ID, and the real effects of Obama Care. Think of what will happen as their Base sees the Economy continue to rebound , unemployment continue to drop, salaries start rising and better jobs being created.  All of the things that the Left predicted would not happen.  Their Base will in fact turn their wrath on them as they have been trained to do against the Republicans and Conservatives.

I believe that we are entering a time where the Democrats will in fact “begin to reap what they have sown”!!