By Bill Moore

I have been reading Democratic Candidates campaign literature and find them to be a combination of old tired issues or ones designed to incite voters. At the Federal Level, taxes are down, unemployment is down, the Economy is booming and both the Military and our international reputation are on a rise. Minority unemployment is at an all-time low. Congressman Rouzer has been a part of these successes.

In North Carolina similar things are happening. Taxes are down, Good Jobs are being created, Businesses are moving to North Carolina. Education funding continues to rise and Teacher’s salaries have risen for several years. In the General Assembly, Senator Michael Lee, Assemblyman Ted Davis and Assembly Woman Holly Grange were integral parts of these successes.

In New Hanover County taxes have been cut several years in a row. Building of new homes and apartment units are booming. Because of this jobs are readily available.

In all cases this can be directly attributed to the Republican Majorities at each level. Yet if you believe Democratic Candidates spin on these topics, things are on the brink of disaster.  Just go to their websites or read their handouts to see what they are saying. Much of it is innuendo and designed to swing the uninformed voter to their beliefs, as wrong as they are. This column will address the Democratic Candidate for the 7th Congressional Race. Later columns will look into state and local races.

A review of Dr. Kyle Horton’s site and you will see what I mean. Let’s start with Education. Everyone wants great schools, schools that do not discriminate and properly paid educators. But she is running for Congress and Education is a State issue.  She wants to fully fund the Department of Education but does not address where the funding will come from in a time of a $20 trillion debt.

She mentions that 82% of the world’s wealth went to the top 1% and “not even a penny of the world’s wealth growth went to the bottom 50% worldwide.”  I thought she was running for the US Congress to represent us, not the world. In my opinion, it strongly indicates she is a Globalist interested in the one world/ government beliefs. Another hint of her leftist beliefs is her statement that we need to return to a tax code that rewards hard work over hoarded wealth. The Democratic Left has long been trying to tax you wealth not your income. She evidentially supports this concept.

In addition, Horton opposes any privatization of the Veterans Administration. Her solution is to fund additional qualified staff to the VA. She will support limited private providers in under- served areas. The fact is some of the hospitals around the nation have a culture of non- support. They are not underserved based on staffing but on attitude and willingness to doctor reports to show how successful they are even when not.

Dr. Horton also touts one of her goals is to return NC to its status as a free and fair democracy. She cites the Electoral Integrity Project’s (EIP) 2016 report which ranks NC along- side “pseudo democracies” like Cuba, Indonesia and Sierra Leone. The problem with this is the Sampling. The project admits it sampled a total of 726 political scientists based on Universities in each state. Two weeks after the polling they were asked to evaluate the electoral integrity for their State.  Since the greater majority of Universities are bastions of Liberalism, I would expect Liberal evaluators to be harsh on a Republican Government. In addition the EIP points out proper elections are based on fair coverage by the Media. When has a Republican received fair coverage by the major media markets in NC?

Further, the EIP made no claims about rating Democracy, just electoral integrity. Yet Dr. Horton “wants to return NC to a ‘fair democracy” based on this report.

She further supports new Voting rights laws to stop voter suppression. I assume she believes that Voter ID Is voter suppression as do most Democrats. Dr. Horton also supports acts to protect the Freedom of the Press so journalists can safely report the truth at home and abroad. In my opinion, she thinks all Journalists do not engage in fake news and must be protected. Interesting to see if she thinks only the Right has fake news.

In the NC 7th District we have a choice to make. Re-elect Congressman Rouzer who has been a major supporter of what the President is doing to reform government. Or we could support Dr. Horton, i suspect a capable person, who believes we are heading in the wrong direction both at the State and Federal Level. Do we need another Liberal in Washington?

In my mind the choice is clear, Rouzer!!

Remember failure to vote will be a vote for Horton.

Next week we will look at the State elections.