By Bill Moore

Last week I discussed the NC 7th Congressional District Democratic Candidates campaign literature and contrasted to the accomplishments of the Republicans of which Congressman Rouzer has been a part of these successes.

In North Carolina great things are happening. As a brief reminder, Taxes are down, Good Jobs are being created, Businesses are moving to North Carolina. Education funding continues to rise and Teacher’s salaries have risen for several years. In the General Assembly, Republicans Senator Michael Lee, Senate District 9, Assemblyman Ted Davis Assembly District 19 and Assembly Woman Holly Grange, District 20, were integral parts of these successes.

Senator Lee’s opponent is Democrat Harper Peterson. Assembly Woman Grange is facing Democrat Leslie Cohen and Assembly Man Davis is facing Democrat Marcia Morgan. They all seem to be singing the common theme of more money for Education. I ask them again- where is the extra money to come from? Let us look at some facts regarding the state of Education in North Carolina. The National Educational Association (NEA) has issued a national report on Education.  It was called the NEA Rankings of States in 2017.

The NEA is not exactly the Bastion of Conservatism.  These Democrats are falling back on statistics that do not give the entire story. It is true the NEA rates NC as 39th in terms of salary of teachers which was $49,870 this year.  NC was also 41st in per pupil expenditures at $10,259. Based on this partial information, one would believe major work needs to be done in Education. Admittedly, we can always improve but when certain other facts from the report surface it gives a different picture.

The State of North Carolina ranks 23rd among states as it comes to the teacher- Pupil ratio.  In fact the NEA ranks North Carolina 11th in the Nation in overall Education. As for salary, we all want our teachers to be paid well but we cannot pay them “Big City“ salaries. When adjusted for cost of living our salaries move from 41st to in the high 20s. As far as pupil expenditures, the Democrats seem to believe the more we spend the better the outcome.  Consider the NC per- pupil expenditure and the fact we are 23rd in the country. The Dems are we need to spend more. Consider the 1st place per pupil expenditure goes to Washington DC where they spend $36,702 per pupil.  The 2nd biggest expenditure is in New York where they spend $25,446 per pupil. Want to send you kids there for a good education? Morgan goes so far as to complain the fact public money is going to Charter Schools. I guess she does not realize CHARTER SCHOOLS ARE PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

Peterson, Cohen and Morgan either directly or indirectly support the repeal of HB2, sometime known as the bathroom bill. They are willing to go against the will of the majority who want to keep bathrooms by gender.

All 3 imply the need to stop voter suppression. That is a Democratic code word for stopping the Voter ID bills. Elon University just released a poll that indicated North Carolinas beliefs. According to Elon, 52% of Democrats, 74% of Independents and 93% of Republicans support the concept of Voter ID. Overall 72% of those polled support Voter ID. In spite of that Peterson, Cohen and Morgan are willing to go against the majority of NC Voters and fight Voter ID as something it is not- Suppression of Voting Rights. In fact Voter ID will help ensure a fair and honest election.

Our 3 Democratic candidates also support clean water and expansion of grants to the movie industry. Our Republican officials have also worked hard to balance the needs of citizens who work in the film industry and the give- away of millions to rich movie makers.  Does anyone NOT SUPPORT CLEAN WATER? I THINK NOT!! It goes without saying so do our elected officials.

In my mind the choices are clear, VOTE Senator Lee, and Assembly people Davis and Grange in NOVEMBER!!!!!!

Remember failure to vote will be a vote for the Democrats