By Bill Moore

“Equal Access” compared to “Equal Results” is a simple but effective solution to many of our issues in the United States.  In my opinion, we have placed our emphasis in many key areas on the wrong solution to issues in the workplace and in education.

How many times have we heard “Equal Pay for Equal Work” by unions and similar labor forces?   Before I get assaulted as being anti-women, rest assured I am anything but.  How many times have we heard the mantra that all students should graduate with similar skill sets and are mandated to pass similar courses?

The reality in both Education and in Business is that everyone has different skill sets;  therefore, you should not expect similar results.  Let us address Education first.  If we switch the emphasis from Equal results to Equal access we could go a long way to addressing the ills in our educational system.  Let us stop trying to get all students to pass Algebra II and to be college bound and realize that there are some students that would have a more productive life working with their hands.  In my family my Dad saw that my skill set was not working with my hands but using my brain through a college education.  My brother was the opposite; he received Dad’s gift of being able to fix anything and has been successful doing so.  Similarly, in my children, I have a son that has the gift of being able to create anything with his hands and is running a successful reconstruction business with those skills.  My daughter followed my path.  It was important for both of them to have equal access to every program offered in Education.  However, the results can never be the same based on the God given talents that they each received and the different skill sets they developed along their educational path.

In Business it is equally important.  Unions have a purpose in ensuring fair pay and benefits for workers. However, when they stifle workers with skill sets that would enable them to make additional pay they are not doing the individual or business a favor.  The fact is that there are workers capable of producing beyond what they are doing because they get the same pay regardless of whether they produce 50 items or 150 items.  In Business why not allow a worker to get extra pay for extra work produced in the same period.  Again I support ensuring workers get equal training and equal opportunity.  However, results can never be equal unless made so artificially.  Why not allow workers to use their skill sets and produce to the best of their ability helping themselves and the business.

Again, I am proposing we switch our concentration from Equal Results to Equal Access.  By doing so, we allow everyone an equal chance of success from the beginning.  In addition, by allowing people to develop their talents or skill sets, they can become more successful and give greater contributions to Society.  Let us stop trying to have equal results at the end of that tunnel.  It is time to realize that we all have different talents and must be given an equal chance to develop them. However, we cannot expect everyone to have similar results given different talents or skill sets.