A close and respected friend penned this column and sent it to me for consideration. David Fitzgerald is the author and his points are worth consideration. I share with you as a guest column


Through programs like “PRISM” and “Room 641A” the National Security Agency (NSA) and other security-state apparatuses have cast a data and information web that spans the ENTIRE globe. Americans are not immune to this massive drag net of intelligence gathering.


The Fourth Amendment grants citizens of the United States a clearly defined right to privacy AND protection from having any of their records or belongings searched without a warrant. The approach being taken by the NSA is to collect and store everyone’s data. Every text message, phone call, and photo is accessible to America’s modern security state. If the data isn’t intercepted during travel it can be remotely accessed through “back-doors” designed into soft-ware and hard-ware.


These back-doors and secretly executed programs have existed in a quasi-legal state due to most American’s willingness to believe that the programs are being carried out with the best interests of the people in mind. Statements made by dozens of members of Congress at this point are contrary to this noble belief.


The trending #ReleaseTheMemo refers to a memo being circulated in Congress that was drawn up by members of the House Intelligence Committee. The memo supposedly highlights gross negligence (if not intentional illegal spying) carried out during the Obama administration against presidential candidate Donald Trump (possibly lasting through the period when Donald Trump had already become the President-elect).


This memo doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, about right versus left. EVERY citizen of this country is being spied on and we should send a clear message that this ISN’T acceptable! If the powers of domestic spying can be used against the most influential man in America, what’s stopping that power from being used against us? From compromising photos, and trade secrets, to business strategies, all of us have something that we don’t want anonymous strangers sorting through. The fear of a foreign boogieman should not pacify Americans into giving up a constitutional right that so many veterans and citizens have spent or sacrificed their lives protecting!