As we continually listen to leaders of the Democratic Party, I remain consistently surprised by the contradictions they espouse every time they open their mouths. It remains obvious they believe only in relative truths. Relative truths are those truths that fit the situation. They continue to not support absolute truths as it might hurt their current narrative. There is so much happening with them I felt a Part II was warranted to discuss their actions:

I may be wrong but…..

  • How can Nancy Pelosi complain about President Trump using the Bible as a Photo Op as she stands there holding up a Bible?
  • How can the Left not know that their Riots they supported would lead to a sharp rise in Gun sales and ownership, the very thing they oppose being anti 2nd Amendment
  • In one way we all owe the rioters thanks. If there are no spikes in COVID 19 infections in the next 2 weeks, then the rioters have proven it is safe to co -mingle closer than 6 feet. This should allow all outdoor activities to open including all professional sports etc.
  • We will find out how destructive this lock down was as people start to go for elective surgery such as biopsies. As they get the results I am afraid we will see a spike in serious cancers that were left undiscovered and untreated for months as we shut down the hospitals for a flood of virus patients that never materialized near the level predicted.
  • The voting/proposed voting to shut down Police Departments in various cities demonstrates an issue as to the way we are education our young. Education has gone away from factual information and heavily instills in the young to react to feelings rather than facts. We have allowed curriculum and instructors to teach students how they interpret the events that occurred rather than how they actually were.
  • Everything that has happened during the COID 19 shutdown and after is part of a Democratic master plan to cause President Trump to lose the election in November. These extremely tuff shutdowns were designed to undermine the economy. They continue these actions to slow down any recovery that might reelect Trump. Add to this the push to do mail in voting, and you can plainly see a democratic strategy to “stuff the ballot boxes” as necessary.
  • I do not see how these riots can be spontaneous. Rioters are dressed in similar clothing. They use radios to keep in contact and to know where the police are not. They preposition bricks for uses in the evening to break into stores. They are freezing bottles to use as objects to throw. They are also throwing their own waste they collected previously at Police
  • How can Democrats look themselves in the face when their leaders support the rioters by either tying the hands of the police to respond, or publicly stating they understand why it is okay to break into stores and loot? Stores who the greater majority are owned by innocent fellow citizens.
  • How can Chris Cuomo, an anchor at CNN and a Harvard law graduate, make the statement asking someone to show him where it says in the Constitution that protests must be peaceful? Maybe his professors never taught him the 1st amendment protects peaceful assemblies. Or maybe he just wanted to fan the flames and increase his horrible numbers of viewers.
  • I believe we should all boycott the films of Hollywood Left who are donating money to bail out the looters or rioters.
  • How can Democratic leaders look in the mirror as property is destroyed, and the people arrested are freed on little or no bail because of the policies they have put in place? Free to return to the Streets and Continue Rioting/Looting.
  • With all this going on maybe the recovery is well on the way. Look at the numbers last week. Instead of losing Jobs and hitting almost 20% unemployment, 2.5 million jobs were created and the unemployment rate stood at about 13%. The recovery might be starting and at a quicker rate than predicted. How can the Economists be so wrong in their predictions? Maybe they have a motive such as a bad economy is not good for Trump. It is possible.
  • I will close with this statement. What the police officer(s) did to George Floyd was horrific and should not be tolerated. Those involved should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The family needs to be compensated for their loss though that will not bring their loved one back. Peaceful protests to effect change is something that should be supported and encouraged. Rioters and looters should be condemned, prosecuted and jailed. Not something you will hear from the Democratic Left.

Democratic Truths always remain relative as they try to fit the situation in hand. They cannot support absolute truths as they are constant regardless of the situation. The Democratic Left will take advantage of situations to further control the direction of this nation. Maybe I am crazy but I will not allow that to happen without a fight!!!

Vote Republican Up and down the Ticket on November!!!!!