By Bill Moore

We are all both shocked and saddened by the recent terrorist attacks in New York.  The facts are not yet all in but the Left has already started making use of the attack for their own personal gain.  The attack was done by a  29 year old Muslim man who was given a Visa based on the Diversity immigration Lottery run by the Federal Government.

As hard as this is to believe, this program was put into effect to identify areas of the world that had a low immigration rate to the United States.  50,000 Visas were issued annually to encourage people to apply and move to the United States from these areas.  This plan awards recipients a green card and permanent residency in the US and is a path to citizenship.   Supporters of this plan admit the program does not tailor applicants to needs in the US.   It was passed in 1990 and one of the co- sponsors and a major supporter of the bill was the current Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, then a Congressman.  The bill passed the House 264-118, and by a 89 to 8 vote in the Senate .  President George HW Bush signed it into law.  Even though it was a Democratic Bill it had a great deal of Bi- Partisan Support.

This terrorist used a rented truck to kill 8 people and wounded about a dozen others.  He was himself wounded as he exited the truck brandishing a paint ball gun and a pellet gun.  Immediately the Left started using this attack for political purposes.  The New York City Mayor stared pushing for additional Gun Control legislation.  Another Liberal wanted to have to require all trucks to be installed with the new braking systems that automatically would stop the truck when something got in front of it.

A tragedy occurred yet the emphasis is in the wrong place.  The Terrorist is in a Prison ward being treated and bragging about him being “8 and 0”.  In addition, others are scrambling around to ensure he has a Koran and other requirements of a person of the Muslim faith.  The Press is even “protecting” him from comments made from President Trump.  It seems that the results of his actions are not as important as protecting the ” rights of the terrorist.”

Who speaks for and protects the victims and their families?  There will be some candles put down at the site of the attack.  Someone might start a “Go Fund Me” drive to help a victim or family pay for medical bills or to help for college if a victim had children.  There will be some coverage on the news but within a short period of time the victims will be forgotten.  Do not believe me?  What do you currently know about the victims of the Boston Bombing?  I bet little or nothing.

There were many victims in this attack.  Eight are dead and another dozen wounded.  That does not take into consideration the families involved.  Children who will never see their father or mother again. Parents who will never see their son or daughter again.  Husbands or wives who will never see their spouse again.  Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, nephews and nieces who have lost an important part of their family. Families who have depended on the income that will no longer be available due to Terrorism. These families are forever changed.

Five of the dead came to New York from Argentina to celebrate their 30th High School Graduation.  Let us not forget their names: Hernan Mendoza,  Diego Angelini,  Alejendro Pagnucco,  Ariel Erlij and Hernan Ferruch.  A sixth Argentine,  Martin Ludovico Marro, was injured and is recovering in the hospital.  I wonder how the people of Argentina feel about visiting the US?  The only female to die was also a US visitor;  Anne Laue Decadt from Belgium, age 31 and a mother of 2.  Three other Belgians were hurt and undergoing surgery.  The two Americans killed were Darren Drake 32 from New Jersey and Nicolas Cleves, 23 from New York.

For those who survived, their lives are also changed forever.  Two adults and two children were in a school bus the terrorist rammed.  People from NY, Germany, and as mentioned, Argentina and Belgium, were seriously injured.  Many of them will require extensive hospitalization.  How do you think they are handling what happened?  They and their families lives were changed forever.  They will be dealing with nightmares and being afraid as a truck approaches for the rest of their lives.  Some do not know if whatever physical damage they received will ever heal.  Will they be disabled? Will they require more surgeries?

Yet with all those possibilities, our leaders still do not hear the victims unless it supports their political agenda.  You would think that they would be banding together and taking steps to control immigration, and help vet out potential terrorists.  Instead we hear – Gun control, protection of the Terrorist’s rights and how the other side is not reacting appropriately.

They need to hear the victims and their families as to what they have gone through and in all cases, how their lives have been changed forever.  It is time to put aside politics and stand together.  What can we do?  Not forget these victims and keep reminding our elected officials that they exist and their lives are changed forever.  Demand they do what is necessary to protect our people.  To Hell with Political correctness.  These terrorists threaten the lives and families of Americans and our politicians must do what is necessary to address the shortcomings that allowed this terrorist act to occur.

In effect who speaks for the victims?  If nobody does, they will quickly become  just a statistic and disappear as a footnote of history.  WHO SPEAKS FOR THE VICTIMS ?   WE MUST!!!!!