By Bill Moore

Much is being made by pundits that President Trump is violating his pledges to his “Base” and working against Republicans while supporting Democrats.  Story after story comes out from Liberal commentators pushing this narrative.  I assume it is in the hope of convincing Trump supporters that he is abandoning them.

Conservative pundits are starting to join the chorus but many of them were always “Never Trumpers”. Others are starting to waiver in their belief of President Trump.  You hear stories that he is losing support if he backs the Dreamers.   Another story centers around the possibility that he may not  completely withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords.  Still others argue that he is getting involved in world affairs, such as North Korea, when he said that he would concentrate on America First.  No cuts in the budget proposal is an example of another “failed promise ” if you listen to the pundits.

There are several points that I wish to make on these topics.  First, many voters said that if he did just 25% of what he promised it would be a thousand times better than Hillary Clinton.  How quickly we forget that concept.  Second, we want a leader who can adapt to changing situations in the world.  North Korea has become a much greater issue than when he was campaigning.  We should celebrate that we have a President who can adapt to changing times and situations rather than follow the old rhetoric or pledges that may no longer apply.

Let me suggest a different scenario.  We all know he is has little to no support and in fact is constantly being berated by the Democrats in Congress.  The Republican Establishment is not much if at all better . There are many ‘Anti Trumpers” in The Republican Party in Congress.  In order for him to be successful, he must get Congress to do their job.  After all, he cannot pass laws; that is the job of the Congress.  He cannot pass a budget or tax reform; that also belongs to Congress.  He cannot pass any immigration reform; again that is the role of Congress!

His ability to issue Executive Orders is limited.  They are only guaranteed to be meaningful while he is in office.  He can and has worked on reducing Regulations where he can but again, Congress must step up and pass necessary laws to change the regulations buried in laws.  So what can he do about changing things?

One of his biggest problems is that the greater majority of voters believe that Congress is ineffective and needs to be voted out of office.  Recent stats indicate about 89% of the people support getting rid of current Congress members.  The problem becomes the fact that those same voters who support voting out Congress support the concept that their particular representatives are doing a great job.  For example, while only about 11% think Congress is doing their job, over 90 % believe that their individual Representative is doing a great job.  So Trump has the issue of how can he “drain the swamp” in Congress when they are individually supported for doing nothing?

I submit to you what I believe to be the Trump Strategy.  Trump will continue to send legislation to be addressed by Congress trying to get the members on the record so that they have to defend their record at home.  Let me give you a few examples.  Everyone appears to be upset that Trump is abandoning his stance on Dreamers being given legal status and citizenship.  In fact what has Trump done?  He withdrew President Obama’s Dreamers Executive Order and gave Congress 6 months to pass a law that addresses the issue.  This forces the members of Congress to take a stance on the issue by voting on it.  If they pass a new law or they fail to do so, they will still face the consequences at home in 2018.

Another example is the Paris Climate accords.  Trump has already indicated that he will withdraw from the agreement unless they get more favorable conditions for the United States.  I believe that Trump will no longer sign any new agreement as an executive order but he will submit it to the Senate for approval as a new Treaty.  Again forcing the Senators to go on the record.

Similarly, Trump does not have the power to pass laws on Obama Care, Immigration, Tax Reform and the Southern Border Wall.  By constantly bringing up the issues he will eventually force current members of Congress to go on the Record on these issues.

I also believe that by extending a hand to the Democratic Leaders, he again plans to force Republicans and their Democratic counterparts to take stands on issues before the voters.  Since most of these issues are “hot button” ones, the people at home will know what their elected officials have supported or not supported in time for the 2018 elections.

It is my belief that President Trump is a brilliant strategist and every step he takes is part of his long range plan to “Drain The Swamp” by getting new blood in Congress.  It is designed to wake up the people to the truth about their Representatives and Senators by not allowing them to do nothing but to take a stance on these important issues. It is also my theory that too many people underestimate President Trump.  2018 is coming.  A message to Congress:  start doing the right thing or face the voters in 2018 as they DRAIN THE SWAMP!