From The Right

Liberal potential screw-ups for 2018

Bill Moore


From The Right

We would all like to make the World a better place to live. As we look forward to what might be in 2018, please allow me point out Liberal thinking and the unintended consequences that they will cause.

  • We hope the Mayor and City Council of New York would realize the mistake they are making as they waste money on cards for police. They are now requiring each officer to give any person they question but do not arrest their card. In addition to giving their badge number, name and precinct, the card tells the individual where and how to file a complaint. I expect the result will be fewer contacts with the Police making crime rates higher. The police will become even more concerned about the false charges from individuals who might have an axe to grind. Hopefully the City will see the unintended consequences but will still have expended $6 million to purchase these cards.

    • California has decided to mandate Police to only handcuff persons from behind when they are arrested for a violent crime. Others will now be handcuffed in front of them. So we are now placing Police and others in the area in danger because a person arrested for shop lifting can now use their hands to grab for an officer’s gun. California needs to rethink this idea and the unintended consequences from this action.

    • Not to be out done, New York is putting into place the most generous leave policies for workers in the nation. Effective January 1st, private company employers will be required to allow employees to take up to 8 weeks personal leave for family matters. They will be paid up to 50% of their salary while on leave. This includes child birth, raising a family, a sick relative etc. It is gender neutral and applies to companies as small as 2 or employees. While the intent can be understood, its unintended consequences will most likely end up hurting many. As an example a small company, of 2 or 3 cannot survive with the loss of the work force for months, in addition to paying part of their salary. While it is true employers will be forced to purchase insurance to cover the potential cost of the leave time, it does raise the cost of doing business. Thus employers will have to raise their prices and again the consumer will suffer. This does not even mention the increased taxes the employees will pay to fund the proposal through payroll deduction. Prediction- Employers will move their operations out of state, shut down or begin to fire employees approaching the 6 months point of employment and eligibility for the leave. Hopefully NY will come to its senses and see the potential for economic loss.

    • In North Carolina, we have a Liberal Governor working hard to undo do all the accomplishments the Republicans have done to get the State’s Finances in Order. The Republicans have Paid off Billions of Debt to the Feds, lowered the tax rate, made NC a place that is business friendly, brought unemployment to 4.1 %, put away money for an emergency, and gave raises to teachers and other state employees. The Governor keeps attacking their sound economic policies and works hard to undermine them. Hopefully he will see the folly of his actions, determine his proposed policies will again take the state to the brink of financial ruin and begin to work with Republicans for the good of all in NC

    • California, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, and New Jersey Liberals are working hard to replace the repeal of the Obama Care Mandate by the Feds with a new mandate from the State forcing the people to buy health insurance or face state fines. I predict this action will be as successful as the Federal one. Companies, who can afford it, will relocate from these states to one where the mandate does not exist. Again not caring about unintended consequences.


  • Seattle, Washington. The City leaders, in a move to make things healthier, have added a tax on sodas and similar drinks. The tax is 1.75 cents per ounce. That’s a 56 cent increase on a 32 ounce drink. Tax on a 24 can case of 12 ounce sodas will add $5.04 cents to the purchase. Please note sales tax is extra nor is this a deposit to ensure bottle return. What they have not considered is the fact residents will simply drive outside the city limits and purchase their drinks. It will lead to a loss of sales and income to City businesses and eventually a loss of jobs as sales decline.


In 2018, Liberals need to start to consider the consequences of their actions. Where their initial action may have all the best intentions, their unintended consequences usually have a greater negative effect. By thinking actions through, Liberals may actually be doing their supporters a better service than just passing laws that are not well thought out.