As we continually listen to leaders of the Democratic Party, I am struck by the contradictions they espouse in their statements. It is obvious they believe only in relative truths. Relative truths are those truths that fit the situation. They cannot support absolute truths as it might hurt their current narrative. As I list these comparisons of their relative truths you cannot help but wonder fi reality ever comes to play in their thought process.

I may be wrong but…..

  • It is amazing how the Left’s political leaders can attack President Trump for his decision to personally take the drug Hydroxychloroquine to help prevent the COVID 19 Virus. Aren’t these the same people that argue a person has the right to do whatever they wish with their own body? Is that not their rationale for their abortion beliefs? Doesn’t Trump have the same rights to decide what happens to his body?
  • Looking into the Left’s position on State Executions, They argue that every life is precious and stand against any State Executions. Yet that same belief in the sanctity of Life does not apply to their support for all abortions including partial birth abortions.
  • The Democratic Left championed the philosophy “a woman must be believed when there are accusations of Sexual misconduct”. The hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were the poster child for this belief. Fast forward to today and see how they now have changed that view with the allegations of sexual misconduct against Joe Biden, their presumptive nominee for the Presidency. Relative truth at its best.
  • The Democratic Leftist Governors in many states are using relative truths to a new level. For example, they released prisoners from jail for fear of the virus spreading. They then turn around and arrest and jail citizens that that are opening their businesses illegally, not social distancing or in one case not wearing a mask.
  • Continuing in the virus issue, Democratic Governors have closed down public restrooms for fear of spreading the virus but allow people to use the street or sidewalk as a bathroom facility.
  • Democratic Governors have finally but reluctantly opened public open areas such as parks and beaches even though there was little evidence the virus would spread in public beaches. In fact it was proven that sunlight kills the virus most effectively. Never let facts interfere with decisions.
  • Democrats supposedly fight for the common man yet with each stimulus package they slowed down the process by loading extra appropriations for their pet projects including Universities with billions of dollars in endowments.
  • Democrats are trying to take advantage of the pandemic by opposing Voter ID and supporting mail in voting where the ability to cheat allows the Democrats in major cities to find whatever votes necessary to win in November. Remember the Democratic truth is there is no wide spread issue with voting rolls. Yet recently it was revealed if ballots were to be mailed to every voter in California over 400,000 deceased people would receive the ballots as they are still on the voting rolls. Does anyone believe no one would take those ballots and vote? If we can stand in line to get into stores, why can we stand in line to vote?
  • Democrats accuse Republicans of not focusing their efforts to defeating this Virus and uniting the country. Yet they have the nerve with all the issues facing this nation as a result of the shutdown to start mentioning a 2nd round of impeachment hearings.
  • Democratic leaders are fighting for rights for illegals while ignoring the fact many veterans do not receive the benefits made available to illegals. Seniors on Social Security do not receive the benefits Democrats are currently fighting for illegals.
  • Democrats also used this pandemic to try and limit sales of weapons and ammunition. Their truth they push is their fear that people locked at home with forced isolation would use the weapons against loved ones or others. The truth of the matter is Democrats will use any crisis to advance their agenda no matter what the cost.
  • Democratic Governor’s closed down churches supposedly for fear of the virus spreading yet they have no issue with large stores like Walmart opening. Maybe churches could hold their services in the Garden Department.
  • Democratic Truths are always relative as they fit the situation in hand. They cannot support absolute truths as they are constant regardless of the situation. The Democratic Left will take advantage of situations to further control the direction of this nation. Maybe I am crazy but I will not allow that to happen without a fight!!!

Vote Republican Up and down the Ticket on November!!!!!