Coastal Carolina Accountability Project


Meeting June 14, 2017

Asian Buffet

  1. Meeting was called to order by Bill Moore at 7:00 PM.


  1. Minutes from May 10th meeting were approved.


  1. Treasurer Richard Hollembeak reported we now have a checking account with a balance of about $140.00. Further reported bank charges us about$10/ month for account with a balance under $1500


  1. Still Could not yet get a volunteer to be secretary- But HOPE REMAINS HIGH BUT DWINDELING


  1. Becky Gray VP for Outreach from The John Locke foundation did a presentation on the NC State Government specifically the Legislature. The pr4esentation was well received and many questions asked and answered. Becky invited anyone interested to attend their Monday speaker luncheons at the Raleigh office. Cost is free but you must provide your own lunch


  1. Richard, Harry and I reported on our June 7th trip to Raleigh. We have established a good rapport with many of our local Representatives. They listen to us and dialog with us on issues.


  1. Committee reports were not given due to the extended presentation and questions with Becky Gray.


  1. Next trip to Legislature is July 24th. We plan on visiting our legislative offices and attending the Locke luncheon program.


  1. George announced Francis X. Deluca, President of Civitas, will be our next guest speaker in July.


  1. Fund raising. We explained to the membership how the raffle went. Thanks to Harry donating the cost of the table and Bill donating the cost of the tickets and the banners, we were able to finish with a $150 profit. We further discussed the need to do additional fund rising to raise funds to expand our influence by supporting or running candidates, sponsoring a radio show, and covering the costs of doing business. A 50 -50 raffle was held and Richard won $10. The remainder of the money went to pay for the meal of our speaker. George floated an idea to sell candy bars to raise funds. Harry mentioned a website that would cost us $40/ month but sell items where we get most of the profit. We will discuss further fundraising at future meetings.


  1. Ann raised the idea of moving our monthly meetings from the 2nd Wednesday of the month to the 3rd Thursday of the month. It was mentioned the current date was approved by the membership at the 1st meeting. However Bill agreed to run a vote of the membership to decide if they want to reschedule our monthly meetings.


  1. Next meeting was scheduled for July 12th at 7PM at the ASIAN BUFFET



Respectfully submitted

Bill Moore