Coastal Carolina Accountability Project


Meeting April 19th 2017

Fox and Hound

  1. Meeting was called to order by Bill Moore at 7:02 PM.


  1. Pledge was lead by George Potts, prayer by Richard Hollenbeak


  1. Minutes from march 15th 2017 were read and approved.


  1. Treasurer Richard Hollembeak reported no funds yet but working on PAC Status Report with State. Talked about fund raising


  1. Could not yet get a volunteer to be secretary- But HOPE REMAINS HIGH


  1. Membership appointed Ted French to be Assistant Treasurer and responsible for all required state reports


  1. Frank Meares, Commissioner of NHC Soil and Water Conservation Commission made a presentation on what is the mission of his commission, how it is funded and its role in government. He answered many questions from the audience.


  1. George Richard, harry and I reported on the latest Raleigh trip. We had individual meetings with each of our Representatives lasting about 30 minutes each. We all agreed it was most successful. Each of us briefed the areas we spoke about with the legislators and how they reacted to our legislative agenda. We all agreed it was most positive. Bill further reported on his trip to Raleigh today to attend a hearing on House bill 576. After his report he asked the membership for permission to speak against the bill in its current form. After some discussion it was approved by all. Bill also stated he would write a letter to the editor on the topic


  1. Committee reports. Sondra was unable to attend so no report was available on our Federal Representatives..


  • George Potts reported on a number of actions being taken by the planning board of NHC
  • Mary Skov not available for coverage of Leland meeting
  • Richard Hollenbeak covered the meetings at Brunswick. He reported no significant action other than a new ordinance being planned on abandoned boats. He further reported Brunswick has designated the week of April 14 to be the week of the Child
  • Ted French to cover all meetings in Carolina Beach. He reported  water sewer and lake project almost complete. New law allowing dogs on the beach before 9am and after 5pm not being enforced. Major discussion of entrances to the new Harris Teeter store to be built.
  • Bill Moore to cover all meetings in Kure Beach. P and Z did not meet. Town meeting covered problems with dogs in the beach. Expenditure of over $100,000 to replace pump station 1. Issue of cost variance for the same irrigation pump in KB and CB. CB charges $705. KB $4500.


  1. Plan was explained to cover a table at the 70th Anniversary of Kure Beach on April 29th. Several members volunteered to help cover the booth.,


  1. Next trip to Legislature is May 24th. An open invitation was given to any member to join the EB in Raleigh.


  1. George announced John Droz, a wind energy expert will be our next guest speaker. Meeting place to be announced.


  1. Fund raising. Harry explained the raffle we will run to raise funds We will have 2 prizes. 1st prize is a $400 gift certificate to Dicks towards the purchase of a shotgun. Winner can buy the shotgun or anything else with the gift certificate. 2nd prize is a $200.00 gift certificate to Dicks. Tickets will be $10.00 each and the drawing will be the last evening of the State Republican Convention. Harry will lay out the cost for the table at the Convention. Bill is laying out the cost of the tickets and banners for the group. Both will be reimbursed from the proceeds of the raffle.


  1. Next meeting was scheduled for May 10th at 7PM site TBD



Respectfully submitted

Bill Moore