Coastal Carolina Accountability Project


Meeting July 12, 2017

Asian Buffet

  1. Meeting was called to order by Bill Moore at 7:00 PM.


  1. Minutes from June meeting were approved.


  1. Still Could not yet get a volunteer to be secretary- But HOPE REMAINS HIGH BUT DWINDELING


  1. Francis X Deluca, President of Civitas, was our guest speaker. Deluca covered various topics including Why Gov lost last election, Discussion on the Energy bill on current Governor’s desk, a discussion on their polling results and how they share the info. He also mentioned Civitas rates our state officials and told everyone to go to to get the info


  1. Board mentioned our next trip to Raleigh was July 24th. We will attend the John Locke Luncheon. Membership was invited to attend with us.


  1. Committee reports were not given due to the extended presentation and questions with our presenter.


  1. George announced Michael Westrich from Convention of States will be our August Speaker.


  1. Chair mentioned NHC Republican party was not running a Reagan Dinner again. He further mentioned with little or no apparent fundraising by the local Party, the fear exisits 018 wil be a repoet of 2016 with no local funds to help


  1. Bill Mentioned our new website would be up shortly


  1. Vote to change our meeting date was defeated..


  1. Next meeting was scheduled for August 9th at 7PM at the ASIAN BUFFET. Suggest 6:30 if you plan on eating



Respectfully submitted

Bill Moore