Coastal Carolina Accountability Project


Meeting March 15th 2017

Warrior family Ministries

  1. Meeting was called to order by Bill Moore at 7:09PM.

Harry Knight our 2nd VP extends his apologies but a last minute problem occurred at work  causing him to miss the meeting


  1. Pledge was lead by George Potts


  1. Minutes from Feb 7th, 2017 were read and approved.


  1. Treasurer Richard Hollembeak reported no funds yet but working on PAC Status Report with State. Talked about fund raising


  1. Could not yet get a volunteer to be secretary- But HOPE REMAINS HIGH


  1. George Richard and I reported on the Raleigh trip. Harry was with us but is unable to be here tonight. Senators and Representatives we met with were mentioned. George talked about our attempts to influence legislation to help military spouses get licensed vocationally quicker as they are transferred to NC.  Richard talked about our effort to have the Legislature consider putting a 10% surcharge on international money orders going to Mexico. New funds would be used for Education. Bill spoke about the Tax Payer Bill of Rights. This included protecting the Rainy Day Fund, capping the income tax. It was mentioned Representative Davis office is helping us schedule a meeting with all the area legislators at once. Date of Meeting is April 5th. Awaiting Grange, Butler and Rabon’s answer. Lee and Davis on Board


  1. Committee assignment. Our membership volunteered for various tasks to help the organization and to spread out our beliefs as well as hold elected officials accountable.


  • George Potts to cover NHC P & Z meetings
  • Mary Skov to cover all meetings in Brunswick and Leland
  • Ted French to cover all meetings in Carolina Beach
  • Bill Moore to cover all meetings in Kure Beach
  • Sondra North will contact Rep Rouzer, Sen. Bur and Sen. Tillis monthly
  • We still need people to cover NHC and Wilmington

Special Thanks to Pat Nixon who volunteered to bring light refreshments to our meetings


  1. A Legislative Agenda was developed by all at the meeting. It will be sent out to all for final review before we start sharing it with public officials


  1. A group has volunteered to go to visit the Legislature on April 5th. Group consists of Bill Moore, George Potts, Harry Knight and Richard Hollembeak. Ann Hilburn will try to join us.


  1. A discussion was held over Guest Speakers for our meetings. George Potts is chairing a committee to identify and arrange for our monthly speakers. Some names suggested were John Droz, Frank Meares from Soil and Conservation, John Locke people


  1. Some discussion was had on Fund raising. Richard Hollembeak is chairing the committee. A suggestion was made for a gun or vacation raffle. It was suggested we might purchase a table at the State Convention to sell tickets. State Convention is in Wilmington in early June.


  1. Bill Moore talked about his research so far on the Wilmington VA issues to include the lease. He will update at each meeting. Bill also mentioned Carolina beach has changed its dogs on the beach policy. During the season from April 1st to October 1st dogs will now be allowed on the beach before 9AM or after 5PM as long as they are leashed. CB hiring a full time enforcer. Kure Beach still bans dogs on the beach during those time periods. In addition, Bill mentioned that Representative Brody from the Monroe area is introducing a bill next week that would eliminate the tax exempt status if the NCAA in NC. He claims since they have taken a political stance on the Bathroom law punishing our college teams, they should lose their tax exempt status.



  1. Next meeting was scheduled for April 19 at 7PM site The warrior Families Ministry



Respectfully submitted

Bill Moore