Coastal Carolina Accountability Project


Meeting May 10, 2017

Asian Buffet

  1. Meeting was called to order by Bill Moore at 7:02 PM.


  1. Minutes from April 19th 2017 were read and approved.


  1. Treasurer Richard Hollembeak report was waived due to the late hour


  1. Could not yet get a volunteer to be secretary- But HOPE REMAINS HIGH


  1. John Droz, made a well received presentation on Windmills explaining the lies involved by the developers.


  1. George Richard, Harry and I reported invited anyone interested to join us on our next visit to Raleigh May 24th. Please get in touch with me if interested in attending.


  1. Committee reports.


  • Sondra reported on the positive reception she received from the local representatives from Rouzer’s and Burrs offices.


  • George Potts report on NHC P&Z was previously sent to you. As was Bills report on P &Z for Kure Beach.


  • Mary Skov not available for coverage of Leland meeting


  • Richard Hollenbeak covered the meetings at Brunswick. Results to be sent to you under separate cover.


  • Ted French reported on meetings in Carolina Beach.


  1. Plan reported back on the incident with KB officials.


  1. Board has authorized me to send a letter to the Town Council about the incident


  1. Next trip to Legislature is May 24th. An open invitation was given to any member to join the EB in Raleigh.


  1. George announced Becky Gray, VP for Outreach at the John Locke Foundation, will be our next guest speaker in June.


  1. Fund raising. Harry explained the raffle we will run to raise funds We will have 2 prizes. 1st prize is a $400 gift certificate to Dicks towards the purchase of a shotgun. Winner can buy the shotgun or anything else with the gift certificate. 2nd prize is a $200.00 gift certificate to Dicks. Tickets will be $10.00 each and the drawing will be the last evening of the State Republican Convention. Harry will lay out the cost for the table at the Convention. Bill is laying out the cost of the tickets and banners for the group. Both will be reimbursed from the proceeds of the raffle. Anyone interested in purchasing or selling tickets please contact Bill. Drawing is June 3rd at 5Pm at the Convention


  1. Bill will send out a sign- up sheet to help cover the table at the Convention. Please sign up to help


  1. Next meeting was scheduled for June 14th at 7PM at the ASIAN BUFFET



Respectfully submitted

Bill Moore