By Bill Moore

One might think the National Football league would have learned their lesson last year when they did nothing to address the kneeling during the National Anthem. Based on what has happened so far it appears they have learned nothing.

They pass a new rule allowing players to stay off the field until the anthem is over but requiring those on the field to stand not kneel. The Union had an issue and they back off and start negotiating the rule with the Players Union. Regular Season is about to begin and the issue is again detracting from the Sport. Players on various teams have started kneeling, turning their backs on the ceremony and some players returned to the locker room until the Anthem was over.

Again the fans are asked either to accept disrespectful behavior to our Flag and Anthem. Their choice is to again boycott NFL games where Millionaires are complaining about their treatment by this Nation. A fact no one seems to address is the right of an employer to limit demonstrations of any kind during the work period. In short, the players were working during the Anthem and as such do not have the right to demonstrate on company time. An interesting side note is to consider the number of demonstrations or actions taken by the players when they were off between seasons. I recall none being reported. Equally, I am sure the Press would not miss a chance to report any actions that were disrespectful to the Government, especially under Republican control. So evidentially it is only an issue during work.

An interesting note to this is the NFL’s stance claiming they support Free Speech and expression of all members. That appears to be for only political discourse and not for other worthy causes. Can we forget the reaction of the NFL with Tim Tebow who knelt and prayed to God before and after games? They made him remove the phase John 3:16 under his eyes. It was used to lower the possibility of glare in his eyes. However, the NFL did not that find that an issue of free speech or expression. RG3 was forced to turn inside out a shirt he was wearing before he was allowed to go to a podium. The reason, it said “Know Jesus Know Peace”. Is this another example of tolerance and freedom of expression?

The NFL reactions were not limited to religious beliefs. William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats to raise awareness of Domestic Violence.  Brendon Marshall was also fined for green cleats to raise awareness for people with mental disorders. DeAngelo Williams was fined similar to Tebow for wearing eye black that stated” Find the Cure” for Breast Cancer awareness.

In 2016 The NFL stopped the Dallas Cowboys from wearing a helmet Decal to honor five slain Dallas Police Officers. That same year they threatened to fine any player that wore cleats that honored the 15th anniversary and heroes of 9/11.

In short the NFL has a history of cracking down on any free expression up to now. For some reason they are afraid to do the right thing and force players to honor their commitments to their employers and our nation. If they do not find the strength to do the right thing, please join me and not watch any game where 1 player from either team takes a knee or similar action that disrespects our flag and anthem. Too many military have made sacrifices so the millionaire players have the right to descent. Make them do it the right way and not disrespect those sacrifices.