Bill Moore

There is a big controversy by the Democratic Leftists about the 6 proposed Constitutional Amendments. Both the Governor and local Leftist groups like the NAACP have gone to Court to try and block them and like Chicken Little crying the sky will fall if they are passed. At the Courts direction several were rewritten and have passed muster in front of those judges.

What exactly is terrifying the Left? Let’s take a look at each one in no particular order.

Voter ID-This amendment requires voters to produce a Government issued photo ID in order to vote. 34 states are doing it and I do not believe you cannot get by in this Society without one. I will not any more time on an issue that has been discussed for years. The Left argues voter suppression and I disagree as in fact it guarantees your vote will not be cancelled out by someone voting illegally.

Locking the maximum tax rate at 7%- Currently our state income tax rate is just below 5.5%. Currently the State Constitution allows the Legislature to tax at a rate not to exceed 10%. This amendment reduces the maximum allowed rate to 7%. This does not mean out taxes will go up to 7%. It does mean no Legislature can tax our income at a rate higher than 7% without amending the State Constitution. You might ask why the Republicans did not lock the rate at 5.5%. They realized at times the Legislature might need to increase the rate in order to meet required expenditures such as Education and salaries. This is especially true should we be in a recession in the future where unemployment is again high. In addition without that wiggle room for emergencies the Legislature would have no choice but to go to increasing the sales tax or licensing fees.

Another proposed amendment causing some issues supports an increase of victim’s rights. This would allow victims of a crime the ability to be at any hearings that relate to the crime and the convicted criminal. They would have the right to be at sentencing hearings, appeals and parole hearings. This amendment guarantees the victim the right to speak to the District Attorney involved at each level.  I am not sure why the Left is opposed to extending the rights of victims.

Guaranteeing the right to hunt, fish and harvest is the basis of another proposed amendment. Hunting and fishing is one of the factors in many homes that puts food on the table allowing funds to be used in other needed areas.  I can only assume the Left has a hidden gun agenda hidden in their opposition to its passage.

The 5th amendment being proposed established a bi- partisan Board of Ethics to supervise ethics of elected officials and election laws. It requires each political party to nominate 4 members to serve on the ethics board. A board to keep our legislature honest and transparent appears to be a good idea and is at least worth a try.

The final amendment being proposed addresses vacancies in the Judiciary between elections. Currently such vacancies are filled by the Governor. The new amendment calls for nominations by the people to fill such positions. The General Assembly would be able to add names. The General Assembly would narrow the choices down to two and forward them to the Governor for him to select the replacement Judge. That Judge would be required to stand the next election to continue in the position. I can understand how the Governor would oppose this as it is curtailing his powers. The Left is complaining that would guarantee only conservative judges.  That theory goes out the window should we reverse positions. If the Democrats controlled the General Assembly and there was a Republican Governor by that theory that Governor would only get to choose between liberal judges. In short it plays out evenly between parties. Does their fear mean they do not believe they will ever regain the Majority in North Carolina General Assembly? We can wish it is but it is not logical.

There is talk by Democrats to not vote for all of them. They claim some limit the powers of the Governor. Their other complaint states several of the amendments were only added to the election to increase the voter turnout. Is it not the Democrats who complain the Republicans always want to suppress voter turnout? It would seem to me the Democrats would embrace anything that increases voter turnout if they are true to their stated beliefs.

Regardless of Democratic gibberish all six of the proposed amendments deserve your support at the ballot box.

Remember to VOTE and Vote for the 6 Amendments