By Bill Moore

There is an obvious pattern that the Left and other Liberal states are following.  They block anything that will detract or potentially detract from their views.  In some cases they are content for others to have the distraction and in others, they do not care about the consequences.

Let us look at the latest attempt by the Left to address fossil fuels.  There is a group traveling around the Nation getting Local Governments to sign a pledge to fight any off shore drilling or seismic testing.  They chose to play down several points:

  • President Trump is not calling for off shore drilling here but is just trying to identify potential sources of fuel for national security reasons
  • Ships doing the testing are required to have an independent observer to stop all testing if a mammal enters the testing area
  • Should drilling occur, it would be in excess of 26 miles out and over the curvature of the earth so it would not be visible from the shores.
  • Note:  even if a state blocked drilling off shore, a spill in a neighboring state very well might float to your area as the sea knows no boundaries.  However, modern drilling and containment would most likely minimize any spills in the rare event that they occur.

All of these coastal regions do depend on the ocean for survival.  If it is not tourism then it is commercial or sport fishing that is a major part of their economy.  However, they fail to address fossil fuels are also a major need for their economy.  Tourists need gasoline; Energy companies need fossil fuels to provide electricity to power air conditioners and countless other items.  Fossil Fuel even powers heat during the colder months of the year.  Farmers and other growers require fuel to grow and harvest their crops. Businesses and manufacturers also require fossil fuels for similar reasons.

Yet the stance of these leaders is one of anti drilling or fracking. They do not object if the risks of a spill occur somewhere else. So long as it is NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!!

Still other Liberal or Leftist State leaders are suing to stop fracking.  It appears that they do not want the United States to become energy independent.  By keeping us dependent on others for fuel it accomplishes many things.  First, it keeps us at the level of other nations, important to those who support Globalization.  Secondly, they do not have to look at the tools needed to get the fuel they need. Let some other country or state have all the issues but not us.  In short NOT IN MY BACKYARD.

Yet it is not stopping here.  New York and the surrounding states have run out of places to put their garbage and they choose not to want to look at it.  NY City has one transfer facility in New Jersey that is a waste energy facility, but most of the waste ends up in a dozen or more landfills in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia.  Again, as they run out of room and fills they are more than willing to have others look at it as long as it is NOT IN MY BACKYARD.

Reality is that we are not anywhere close to providing enough alternative energy to meet our needs as a nation.  Until that happens we are in need of fossil fuels to maintain our standards of living and our economy.  Local leaders are being short cited.  Maybe a new national policy is needed.  EACH STATE IS RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE ITS OWN FOSSIL FUEL RESOURCES AND GARBAGE DUMPS/ LANDFILLS.

That would force places like NY, Pennsylvania,  and California to look into fracking.  Coastal Regions would need to do drilling for oil or natural gas to support their local economy.  States with large cities would need to find other places within their state boundaries to dispose of their trash.  In short, they could either continue their policy of NOT IN MY STATE and suffer the economic consequences for those decisions; or they could start to develop their own resources creating more jobs and economic growth in their state.

Though states need to be interdependent, no State should look down on the others and take the stance that they have to do something they would not do in their own state.  In the world of economics and energy each  state needs to drop the concept of NOT IN MY BACKYARD and go to