Bill Moore

There is a fear among Republicans to outreach to the Non- traditional Republicans that live in our Districts. Often they choose not to saying they do not share our beliefs nor will they respect our beliefs.

As with any group, there will be a few who will not be respectful nor do we expect to co- opt every member of that group. We might even be some cursing and yelling at us. However if we believe our basic tenets of the party to be true we should not be afraid to defend them in an open and frank discussion. Too often Republicans act like they should apologize for their beliefs. The beliefs that have helped make this nation the place where everyone wants to come and participate in the benefits.

With that said we must also be mindful of the experiences that non- traditional group has gone through. For example we have a basic belief in a smaller and less powerful Federal Government. Without explaining what that means can lead to mistrust and misunderstanding. Remember in the case of the Afro-American population, they would respond without the Federal Government expanding into our local and state politics we would not be able to vote, and would still have Jim Crow laws and poll taxes to deal with. We need to respond we support all those actions by the Federal Government that guarantee a person’s basic rights but in other cases we believe local control to be a better solution. Local control of Education would be the ideal explanation. Local and state control of education could ensure schools of choice for students to find a school that would best educate them. It would also allow communities to control ideology being taught by curriculums developed at the national level.

We also need to address concerns over a balanced budget and the effect on federal entitlement programs. An explanation that includes we support help for those that need it but we prefer the states to control the money though block grants. States and local government are better decision makers as to how to spend money to help their citizens. One size does not fit all. Federal plans do not take into consideration the different needs of people in different states. Block grants would better address those needs. In addition we support getting people off the rolls that did not belong there as they use up scarce resources that could be better used to help those in real need.

People in non- traditional communities are generally very religious and as such have a real stake in family values. This is especially true in the Hispanic community. I am confident Republican and non -tradition family values are overlapping as a basis of common discussion. Explaining our values on marriage, abortion and other similar issues could co -opt additional members to the Republican Party.

The 2nd Amendment is a winnable issue for us. However we must remember in some of these non- traditional communities, their only experiences with guns are with muggings or drive- by shootings. We need to explain why we support the 2nd amendment not only for hunting but to ensure we can defend ourselves from an overreaching government. We need to listen to their concerns about guns and try to work with them to find a solution and get guns out of the hands of most criminals.

How do we do this? We go into the communities with classes on the Constitution or a willingness to discuss issues remembering we will not be welcome by all.  If we can reach 10 to 15% of the people to consider changing their stance, that is the beginning of a new healthy and vibrant Republican Party.