Bill Moore

Republicans in leadership and rank and file members need to re- evaluate their thoughts on members who at one point in their lives were registered Democrats. We are supposed to be a big tent capable of working together with people with different views.

Republicans must remember the Democratic Party has been increasingly swinging far Left with each election. That has caused a number of Democrats to abandon their party since their values are no longer aligned with the party. The departing members are going in two directions. Many are going unaffiliated and others joining the Republican Party. They may not agree with everything but our values are closer to their views. They support many of our economic positions and some of our social positions. The unaffiliated will most likely lean to us as the Democrats continue their forced march to the far Left.

I was recently at a dinner where people took turns revealing that other members of the Party had once been a registered Democrat. One person was a Democrat 20 years ago. Another was accused of being a Democrat in 2010. Still another was accused of being a registered Democrat in 2006.

I understand there are times when a Democrat changed parties to run for a Republican nomination for an elected position. Often that happens prior to the primaries. Please explain why a person would change parties 9, 13 or 20 years ago for political gain. It makes sense they felt the Democratic Party no longer represented their beliefs and found a home in the Republican Party. However, if we continue to label them as former Democrats and not fully trust them because of that, we are doing both them and the Party a great disservice. Not only are we being unfair to often hard Republican Workers, we are causing others who were former Democrats to be wary of joining our ranks.

Last time I checked there was no law in having once been a Democrat. People joining the Party need to be judged by their contributions to our goals not their former affiliations. If we truly are the big tent we need to act like it. It was Ronald Reagan who said if a candidate’s beliefs align with yours 70% of the time you need to support that candidate. Former Democrats will fit into that category the greater majority of the time and should be welcomed with open arms.

We need to win in 2020. To do so it will take all hands on deck working for our candidates. To dismiss some hard workers because of their earlier affiliations endangers our win in 2020. Let us stop bickering with each other and concentrate on 2020 where the future of nation is at risk.