By Bill Moore

Anyone who has watched the circus that was camouflaged as a Senate Supreme Court nominee hearing realizes how dangerously close we are to losing the Country. According to the Democrats in the room everyone has the right to be innocent until proven guilty except white conservative males.  Look at what happened. Dr. Ford was treated with respect though she had no evidence that supported her version of the event. In fact there was a mound of evidence that challenged her version of the event.

Yet the Democrats continued to attack Judge Kavanaugh as if he was a convicted sex offender. Let me fill you in on the experiences an acquaintance had at the hearings. Several women went to support Kavanaugh. When they arrived at the Senate hearing Building, They were searched and had their signs taken from them before they were allowed in the building. When they arrived at the elevators they found a group of liberals riding full elevators and not getting off. They had their mouths taped and held their hands up.  Interesting these women were not allowed near the Senators yet after the hearing, Republican Senators were surrounded by angry sign carrying people who supported Ford. How did they get their signs upstairs and how did they get close to the Republican Senators? The point here is we cannot allow Democrats to take over power in the Congress or this will be the rule not an exception.

Give them the majority and this is just the beginning. They will try to Impeach President Trump, raise taxes, expand the entitlements, and continue to attack the basic tenets of our Nation. They do not support the Constitution but support mob rule where if they think you did it, you did it! They will try and eliminate the 2nd amendment and fight to modify free speech to speech they agree with. All other speech will be labeled hate speech. Religion will continue to be attacked and the transgender bathroom issue will again be brought to the forefront. The next “Social” issue they are beginning to surface is that of pedophilia. They are attempting to have it moved from being a crime to that of a mental disorder. Still other Leftists believe that it is a basic right not a disorder. They will again cut funding to our Military. Democrats support open borders so they can remain in power. Can we afford to give them control of the Federal Government?

At the State level, they have committed to change how things are done. What would they change? They are fighting to kill the constitutional amendment that would limit the state income tax to 7%. It is currently under 5.5%. If the Democrats have their way, there will again be a major increase in taxes and entitlement programs. Everyone supports good education but their solution is throw money at it. In addition, they are against Voter ID, are generally anti- police and anti- military though our state has many military bases that add millions to our local and state government coffers. They also support open borders again so they can get more votes and return to power. They will again create more regulations that will stifle business growth and jobs. In addition they are against the Hunting and fishing amendment.

At the local level, if Republicans lose power it will mean a return to high taxes and more regulations to stifle business.  We cannot let this happen.

We all agree the Republicans have not always kept their promises.  But take a look at the alternatives as outlined above. We must get out the votes and keep these radical socialists from assuming power and turning the United States into the next Venezuela.