In my previous column I discussed some basic strategies for raising our influence on school curriculum. The next level that needs to be addressed is on the State level. Our Legislators not only carry the purse strings for all of Education in North Carolina, they have a powerful influence on what is being taught in our schools. An example is when cursive writing was being dropped for the State Curriculum, the State Legislators passed a law making it part of the instruction in North Carolina.   North Carolina was one of 21 State legislatures to do so. We must hold our State officials to revamping the curriculum and demand they do so. Election time is a great time to find out where they stand on issues like teaching American Values etc. Then we must hold them accountable so they do not just pay lip service to the ideas we present.

Another prong of this program would take place at the University Level. While we have been asleep at the wheel the Left has successfully taken over Higher Education. They control the minds of college students studying to be teachers, media personalities, or working in Government. Unless we work for an even playing field we will continue to graduate teachers, media people and lawyers who lean far left in their beliefs and ultimately seek to destroy what this nation is all about. Years ago the Universities were havens for free and diverse thought. Though the Left and the Right did not often agree they would defend the other side’s right to believe so. Today things are quite different. A Conservative can no longer say what he/she feels without being at a minimum verbally harassed. Being called a Nazi and other threats are common place from the Left in Control. Conservative Professors, if you can find one, on Campus are often isolated by the Liberal Faculty and at times denied Tenure based on their beliefs. To be a Conservative Republican student on today’s campus is a frightening experience and often an intimidating one. It is no wonder that Conservative students on campus might be labeled an “Endangered Species”.

We need to stand up and force changes in the University systems. Diversity of thought should be a mandated item.  Remember the State University System is supported by taxpayer money. In addition, private institutions of higher learning most likely receive federal or state funds in some way. The purse string is an effective method of forcing change.

We need to demand that voices of all groups be heard regardless of how you personally feel about it. In addition we also need to have the State Legislature establish Committees to review course content at the University. The purpose is not to censure thought but to ensure what is being taught is based on fact and not deluded thoughts of a Left Leaning Instructor.  Our universities need to also teach critical thinking to allow students to hear a variety of opinions and sift through the information to develop a conclusion on the topic based on all the information. This cannot happen when he only voice students hear is from Leftist professors with an agenda that is mostly anti- American.  

We must fight to return our places of higher learning to spaces where a variety of philosophies can be heard. These institutions must be a place where instructors can offer diverse opinions for student consumption. This would allow students to critically review these opposing thoughts and decide which one they may choose to support. We need to graduate critical thinkers into all work fields not pre-programed Leftists.

Although peaceful protest is guaranteed by our Constitution, when protesters become violent and refuse to allow dissenting voices to be heard on a campus, they need to be disciplined and possibly dropped as a student from the university/college. Professors who support and or initiate such violent demonstrations should be removed from their posts.

Education did not get to this status overnight. Likewise it cannot be fixed overnight. We must commit to the long haul to restructure education at all levels.  Another piece to this is discipline in schools. How we address the issue is important because NC Law requires an equal education for all. At the same time we must guarantee our students from kindergarten through the University a safe environment. But that is another article…….. Stay tuned