By Bill Moore

In the early 1970’s there was a movie called Willard. It was a horror movie about a social misfit, Willard. He was tormented by his co-workers, and ends up losing his dad’s company to the man running the company. His only friends are a pair of rats he raised at home. As his pet’s friends continue to grow in number, he has great control over the pack through those pets. When one of them is killed at work, he uses his rat pack to get revenge on those who have been making his live miserable.

As frightening as this movie was made to be, think of the possibility of it being made a reality in a slightly different form . All possible through what I consider Science going Wild. Fox News has reported several Science Labs have successfully placed human brain tissues into rats.  They include attaching this tissue to the blood system of the rats. They further report indicators of neurological activity in the transplanted tissues. Interestingly there is no current ban by the National Institutes of Health to doing such research.

Scientists claim this new field might eventually lead to successful treatments for brain injuries, stroke or possibly schizophrenia and autism. Legal scholars are already arguing in the future these developed mice brains might be given or entitled to some human type rights.

I find it interesting the people arguing the issue do not even consider the possibility of the escape of one or more of these modified rodents and what might evolve as they mate with ‘normal” rodents. Think of a rat that can not only communicate like in the movie Willard, but can think and plot like a human. In  my mind that is frightening. Now multiply that by the millions as they breed and evolve.

Fox also reports that a company called Verily has created millions of genetically modified infertile male mosquitoes. They were developed to mate with the mosquito that carries the Zika virus. Being infertile, the mating would not create any young so the colony would die out or at least severely shrink in size. “Experts” are keeping a close eye on the possibility of genetic anomalies being created and reproducing. I hope that makes you feel more secure that I do.

The point of this article is to urge the readers to pressure the Congress to establish close supervision of such activities for the good of Mankind. My first reaction was to call for the end to all such experiments but I realized if they were banned, someone with tons money would finance illegal operations and the results might be even worse.

I know we have entered the age where many scientists no longer believe in a God or feel they are at least equal. However there is a big difference between developing medicines or treatments to fight known diseases or abnormalities, and playing God and developing new species that may threaten the existence of Mankind.

Think of the communicating rat in Willard, the movie The Birds, or creating a million mosquitoes that have a new genetic structure. Now take those life forms and multiply their abilities and thought patterns by a thousand fold. The possibilities are frightening. Join me in demanding Congress establish tight enforceable controls and a system that ensues their compliance.

Movies like “Willard” and “The Birds” must remain fiction not a prelude to what can happen.

Call Congress Now!!!!!!