By Bill Moore

There is an obvious necessity of keeping a veto proof Legislature in North Carolina.  It is required so that our Democratic Governor, Ray Cooper, does not have the power to undo all the good that the Republicans have done for the State.  Cooper’s goal is to eliminate the veto proof majority and eventually move to a Democratic controlled Legislature that would allow him to spend money as he sees fit, eventually hurting the State of North Carolina in the long term.

That should be reason enough to motivate Republican and Conservative voters. They have seen our Legislature successfully accomplish the following:  lower taxes, pay off massive debt, attract business and create an environment for Business where jobs are being created all over the State.

Now our legislature has put six constitutional Amendments to the North Carolina Constitution up for a vote in November. Each of them should cause us to show up and vote; but together they make a powerful additional reason to turn out the vote.  In order to facilitate understanding I will address each of them as they were passed.  

  • The 1st proposed amendment addresses hunting in North Carolina: It protects the right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife.  The amendment also specifies that they have the right to use “traditional methods” to hunt and fish and indicates that hunting and fishing will be “a preferred means” of managing game and wildlife.


  • The second proposed amendment is designed to strengthen protections for victims of crime; to establish certain absolute basic rights for victims; and to ensure the enforcement of these rights. This amendment would extend to victims of assault(s) or of felony property crimes the right to be notified of court proceedings involving the defendant, and the right to be heard at those hearings. It would expand that right to cover juvenile defendants; however, the victims would be required to request those notifications.


  • The next proposed NC Constitutional amendment would establish a bipartisan Board of Ethics and Elections that would: administer ethics and election laws, clarify the appointment authority of the Legislative and the Judicial Branches, and prohibit legislators from serving on boards and commissions that exercise executive or judicial authority. This amendment would change the way the state elections board is appointed and assert legislative control over membership of a slew of boards normally appointed by the governor. Anyone following State politics remembers the battle between the Legislature and the Governor over staffing the Board of Elections. This is a proposed solution.


  • The fourth proposed amendment implements a nonpartisan merit-based system that relies on professional qualifications instead of political influence when nominating Justices and Judges to be selected to fill vacancies that occur between judicial elections. It weakens the Governor’s power to appoint judges.  It creates a Commission to accept nominees from the Citizens, evaluate them and send those evaluations to the Legislature.  The Legislature would select two and forward them to the governor who must select from the two nominees. This appears to me to limit the fear of activist judges that have an agenda rather than the People’s best interest at heart.


  • The fifth proposed NC Constitutional amendment would reduce the income tax rate in North Carolina to a maximum allowable rate of seven percent (7%). Currently the Constitution has a maximum rate of 10%.  Though our current rate is below 5.5%, this would limit future legislatures and Governors from forcing the rates higher than they need to be.  It does allow room for additional rate changes should a need arise. However, not rate changes designed to over tax the people and pay for needless programs.


  • The final proposed NC Constitutional amendment would require voters to provide photo identification before voting in person. This is a “no brainer” that has been proven popular with the majority of North Carolina citizens.  By passing this we hope to make it more difficult for activist judges to thwart the will of the People.


I am sure after reading these proposed amendments you agree that they make sense and should be enacted. However, if we do not mobilize and vote for these amendments and our Republican Legislators who are doing a great job, we stand the chance of losing everything.

Remember, it was Reagan that stated that the Loss of Freedom is but a generation away. Share this with your friends and family. More importantly make sure you, your family and friends turn out and vote in November 2018.  Failure to do so will ultimately cause all of us to experience a loss of Freedom.

Get energized!      Spread the word!     Fight for our Legislators and proposed Amendments!      VOTE!!!!