It has recently come to my attention that a Bill is being held in the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government that would go a long way to helping break up the swamp in Washington DC. The Bill has been held in committee since July of 2019. It was sponsored by Senator Joni Ernst from the state of Iowa.

The bill forces the government to decentralize from the Washington DC area. It would force the Cabal in Washington to break up and move many of their administrative headquarters to the areas they are serving. For example, The Agriculture Department should relocate to the mid- west where most of the growing occurs. Mining should be located near the mining areas of our nation. Obviously there will be more than one geographic area these agencies must serve but placing near what they are responsible for makes them more responsive to the needs of the people they serve. Bureau of Land management needs to be located in a state(s) where the Feds control a great deal of the state property. For example 81 percent of the land in Nevada is owned by the Federal Government. Sounds to me like a good place to have the Federal agency located. There are literally dozens of other examples where we could be better served by relocating the Federal agency to that area.

Before you panic this bill mandates certain agencies to remain in the DC Area. Department of Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, Department of State, and the CIA are among the agencies the bill requires to stay in the DC area. It does define the DC area to include Montgomery and Prince George Counties in Maryland, as well as Arlington, Fairfax and Prince William Counties as well as the City of Alexandria in Virginia.

The agencies will try to argue they cannot be as effective spread across the nation. I would respond in two ways. First of all I do not find them all that effective as they currently are situated. Secondly with Skye, Zoom, teleconferencing and other forms of communication I am not privy to they can talk to each other, review each -others plans instantly. This lock down proved that as we all kept in touch with loved ones and friends.

There are several reasons to support this bill and getting it passed. First of all, it does break up the cabal of the swamp. Forcing the agencies to relocate will spread the wealth paid in these agencies around the nation. I am sure you are aware the wealthiest part of the US surrounds Washington. In addition, many of the Washington Insiders (or Deep State federal workers) will not go to the new locations opting for other jobs or retiring. That would open fresh positions in the new locations for fresh blood that might work for the good of the nation rather than the Deep State. Secondly, being closer to the people you serve might get these Washington insiders to listen to the people they are supposed to represent. Finally such a law would help President Trump to break up the “swamp” that is subverting all he tries to accomplish.

This bill does require competitive bidding on building new facilities and the sale of existing structure being vacated. It does not provide additional funding for the project. Real Estate and utility costs in these new areas are generally cheaper and the government might save additional moneys.

To my surprise, Senator Ernst is still the only sponsor of this bill. Not one other Senator Republican, Independent, Democrat or self- labeled Conservative has signed on as a co-sponsor. Does the Deep State have that much control on them? Or do they enjoy the special status that exists when the Federal Government Agency heads are co -located in the DC area?

What can we do about it? First of all we can contact our US Senators and ask them to both sponsor the bill and fight for its passage. Secondly we can contact Senator Ron Johnson, the Chair of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee and urge him to bring the bill up for a discussion and a vote to the floor. He is a Republican from Wisconsin. Finally we can share this info with all our friends and neighbors asking them to join us to get this bill passed.