By Bill Moore

There are many who comment and are upset that the Tea Party has died.  There are others who are very glad over the apparent “death” of the Tea Party movement.  I submit that the death of the Tea Party is wrong and not even close to the truth.

The fact that the Tea Parties were loosely attached yet independent contributed to both their strength and weakness.  Loosely attached was and is a weakness in that sometimes it was difficult to coordinate actions. Independence was and is a strength as it did not allow adversaries a single or a united leadership to attack.  Adversaries had to go after multiple independent organizations and leaders.

After our successes in 2010 in the House of Representatives, the Tea Party was surprised by the reaction of the more Establishment Republicans.  Instead of thanking us, the Establishment began attacking us and the representatives that we helped to elect because they had Conservative principles.  If only they had attacked the Obama Administration and the Democrats with the venom that they reserved for the Tea Party and the elected officials who supported us.

At that point the Tea parties throughout the Nation had to decide what were our next steps.  One choice was to establish a third political party and fight for the principles we espouse.   Another was to pick a party and work into leadership positions so we could change the party and bring it in the direction of our beliefs.  Either choice would take about 10 years to complete the transformation.   After weighing the choices and how it would affect the political landscape, it was decided by many of us to work within the Republican Party to gain leadership positions and change its direction.

How are we doing?

  • In 2015, nine House Republicans who supported the Tea Party organized a new Caucus in the House called the Freedom Caucus. Just two years and one election later, the Freedom Caucus now has 31 members.  Not bad growth but far from the majority we need.
  • The above leads me to the best proof of all that we are making progress. The Establishment Republicans continually attack this Caucus, yet reluctantly  are having to deal with this Caucus as a growing power.  The more the Establishment attacks the Conservatives and the Tea Party, the more they are becoming a greater threat to their power.
  • By 2016 Republicans took narrow control of the US Senate. In addition to that, Conservative voices continue to increase in the US Senate.
  • Need I remind you of the successes the Republicans have had electing officials at the State and local levels? Most of them Conservative leaning!

Remember:  The Tea Party decided to enter the Republican Party to work within the system.  That means they went underground to continue their fight for their ideals.  Many would say that we have disappeared or been forced to disband.  The truth is that we are alive and well and continuing the uphill struggle to change the direction of the Republican Party.

Tea Party Dead?  Don’t Think so! We are continuing the long, uphill battle and doing the hard work of a ten year project to reform the Republican Party.  Ignore us if you dare!!!