By Bill Moore

How many times have we heard the Democrats and the Left complaining about the lack of civil discourse in this Country?  They will complain and complain about comments made by Republican/ Conservatives that they feel are hurtful or non- productive. On the top of their list is President Trump. What they choose to ignore is the greater part of the time, the Republican/Conservative is reacting to something the Left has said or done often worse than what they complain about.

Let us review certain facts. Yes, the President does tweet comments that are often not flattering but most of the time a response to a worse attack from the Democrats or the Left.  Keep in mind, President Obama tweeted. What the Left is not used to is the object of their attacks fighting back. Trump often gives better than he gets. The Left seems to feel they have the right to say anything about anyone on the opposite side and that is not only acceptable but they feel insulted when a response is issued.

Let us look at what is happening in Los Angeles as a prime example. We all were taught about the story of Ann Frank. A Jewish Girl hidden during the Nazi occupation. After her death her Diary explaining how she was forced to live became known to the world.  Yet the Left takes the Diary and the horrors done by the Nazi’s and applies them to a new group. They have produced a new play version of the Diary of Ann Frank where the Nazi’s are replaced by Ice Agents. Somehow it is now acceptable on the Left to attribute Nazi tactics and horrors to our Ice Agents. Imagine how they would react if the Right labeled Democrats and produced a Play tying Nazi’s to Democrats?

Let a Republican or a Conservative make any kind of a negative remark about any minority  and calls will go across the land demanding them to step down from their jobs or be fired, condemned by everyone and basically “Run out of Town”. However, it is okay to write or tweet #cancelwhitepeople or call them “dumbass f–king white people”. Don’t believe me? It appears the New York Times has just hired Sarah Jeong as a member of their Editorial Board. She is an Asian American who has tweeted the items I reference above. The Times does not have a problem with it. I assume because it is a racial attack on white people and the Left believes it is open season on whites.

Who can be directly held responsible for this? The Democratic Left!!  They have spent decades preaching identity politics. This identity political agenda pushes people into groups or categories. These categories can be racial, sexual, religious or social. The point is they have been purposefully pushed these divisive politics so people lose their common identity as Americans and instead think of themselves as sub groups and victims of the white privilege.

You can guarantee every time they accuse a Republican or a Conservative of some act or labeling it is in fact something that was done from someone from the Left. Yes they speak with a forked tongue but it is time we call them on it. Keep in mind the main reason Trump is hated by the Left is he fights back and does not let them get away with it. We need to be more like the President and not allow the Left to set the narrative.  We must respond and challenge anything we know to be false.  Remember, when the Left gets a narrative and the Press runs with it, it is not to change the minds of most of us. It is fact to get the headlines/ story in front of the majority of Americans who do not follow politics as we do. They want to influence their opinion and therefore their votes in November.

Join me in challenging any narrative we know to be false. This election is too important not to!!!!