By Bill Moore

Everything you read or hear from the Far Left and the Mainstream Media reflects a consistent assault on President Trump. Studies have shown the Media attacks him 90% of the time. In addition, the Left attacks him as often as possible and neither allows facts to get in the way of their assaults.

It is a given that President Trump is a New Yorker and in fact in many ways a stereotypical  New Yorker. He can be labeled as brash, over confident and confrontational, all labels often attached to New Yorkers. Going beyond that, some people will be turned off by those behaviors but not to the extent being demonstrated consistently.  The fact of the matter, regardless of his personal behavior traits, many of his beliefs are part and parcel of the Conservative movement.

If the fact be known , the Far Left really hates everything Trump stands for and since we believe mostly the same things, the Left in fact hates all of us and just uses Trump as a symbol of their hate and disregard for all of us. Consider this ;

Trump supports:

  • Pro Life
  • America First over Globalism
  • Strong Military
  • Building a Wall on our southern border.
  • E- verify for employers
  • Close down or limit chain migration
  • Addressing immigration reform thru a merit based system
  • Appointing Judges that interpret rather than create new laws
  • Pro Business
  • Lower taxes
  • Dropping unnecessary regulations that hurt Business
  • Trade deals with other Nations that are on at least a level playing field
  • Free Trade
  • Standing up to terrorists and terrorist supporting nations
  • Supporting nations who treat the US with Respect
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Freedom to practice your Religious beliefs
  • Cutting the deficit ( he believes a robust economy will do so)
  • Shrinking government by returning power to the states through grants etc

Many on the Right support all of the above and in fact would wish he would go even further. The reality is the Left opposes anything on that list for a myriad of reasons mostly centering around a loss of power.

Look at the names they use to label us. We are deplorable, racists, hicks, rubes, radicals,  and Fascists, just to name a few. We want to kill our Grandmothers,  suffer from white privilege,  hate minorities and hate all immigrants. We are bible toting gun owners who hate all government and want to control schools to further spread our message of hate. We are homophobic, anti- woman and our values are out of date and have no place in the modern world.

Trump has been  called all these names or labels at one time or another. The reality is they are talking about us, how much they despise us and our values. The Media reinforces these beliefs as often as they can.  Too many time they will find the most sympathetic persons(s) and allow them to be the face of what is being proposed even if  it is but a small part of the event. An Example includes the Media showing a soldier who is also a Dreamer and stating that 900 Dreamers are currently serving in our military and because of that the Dreamers should be allowed citizenship.   They neglect to point out that 900 of the projected 800,000 plus Dreamers or DACA, amount to less than 1% of that population. Though I agree serving in our Military might qualify for special consideration, it should not be one of the major faces of the 99%.

The Far Left really hates you and everything you stand for. There is no compromising with them as they will not compromise.  The solution, we work to put people in place with our values, and stop giving in to the Far Left in hopes they will honor any agreement. Better a stalemate than further reductions in our beliefs.

Finally I point this out to you so you can immediately get motivated to work and elect the right people in 2018. The Left is already heavily engaged. A failure to at least match their intensity will be disastrous in the long term. They hate Trump and what he stands for – US!!!

Get engaged work for candidates- Vote – Our Nation and its beliefs are on the line!!!