The Real Reasons Republicans lost Seats in the House

By Bill Moore

There has been a great deal of anguish and carrying on as to why the Republicans lost the House of Representatives. The Democrats currently have the majority in the house with 228 seats with seats still undecided at the time this column was written. They have picked up over 30 seats though they only needed 23 to become the majority. There are some out here that blame Trump for the losses and still others that believe the Republicans are on a downward slide.

That is too early to predict that at this time however, in my opinion there are three main reasons for this turn of events.  They are not a surprise and the facts were there all along if someone chose to look at them. The first sign of trouble was the House having 44 Republicans announcing their retirement prior to the election. Since the stats indicate incumbents are re-elected over 90% of the time that alone would have saved enough seats to keep the House in Republican hands and stop the blue trickle.

The second indicator was a look at the results in the North East. Republicans at all levels were defeated and in New York for example, the State Senate is now in the hands of the Democrats. Was this a reaction to President Trump? Not Directly. The fact is the new tax plan that went into effect had a reduction in the ability of a person to claim his property taxes on his Federal Return. People in New York and New Jersey are paying property taxes that start over $10,000 and can run into high 5 figures in taxes. The Feds maximized the allowance for property taxes at $10,000 thus people in the North East lost a great deal of deductions causing their tax bill to go up. While it is true they raised the allowances in other areas to help offset the additional costs, people only saw their major deduction cut by a 1/3 or more. They brought that feeling to the polls and decimated whatever few Republicans they had in their states.

Finally, the third indicator was a feeling in many Republicans and Independents there were promised things by their political leaders that did not occur. How many of us heard over and over in 2016 election vote for mean and I will get rid of Obama Care. Yet when push came to shove Republican Legislators could not deliver. In addition Republicans Legislators cried from every roof top that a vote for them would end the problem of illegal immigration. Another promise they did not keep. Add to that a general promise to balance a budget and reduce the deficit and you have other reasons why Republicans did not keep the House and made modest gains in the Senate.

These are in my opinion why the Democratic Blue Trickle had an effect of the Congress. Not based on what Democrats promised but on what promises the Republicans did not keep. In addition, retirement and adverse tax changes played some part. This was not a Trump loss as he has kept the Majority of his promises. This falls directly on the Legislative leadership.

How do they fix it? Keep their word and spend the money and time communicate to the public the facts about major legislation rather than allowing the main stream press to bend the truth in behalf of Democratic Candidates.