The Left, and frankly the “Establishment” Republicans, are banking on the people who support Trump and the ideals he espouses, to lose interest and return to their normal life issues.  Most of us riding the Trump train are involved in a myriad of issues in our everyday lives. We are raising families, have jobs, religious and/or civic responsibilities.  We deal with unexpected bills, job issues and trying to raise a family in an ever increasing world hostile to our beliefs.

The Left is fully expecting you to go back to your life before politics as has been our track record in the past. Too often we have worried about elections and the Nation’s direction in the time frame between Labor Day and our November Elections.  Meanwhile the Left is working 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, to make the changes in Government they support, mostly all to our detriment.   

Trump is getting hit from all sides.  Remember, he promised to “drain the swamp” and the people in that swamp are fighting back with everything they have.  Trump was never the candidate of the “Establishment” Republicans, who are part of that swamp.  These Republicans do little if anything to support his policies and the policies of the people that voted him into office.

The Left has declared out and out warfare against the man. Trump can do nothing right.  His wife and kids are targets for Leftist pundits. The Press refuses to cover him fairly by making up “Fake News” or news that is slanted away from any fact that might give Trump any positive coverage. They live on innuendo and crass comments and refuse to cover in any way the positive support he is getting.  For example, his trip to Poland was a major success.  He was warmly greeted by the Polish people and leaders.  You would never know that by the coverage he received.

This will continue to get worse as Trump continues to fight back regarding unfair and slanted coverage.  Add to that the leaks from deep state operatives who want him to fail and be forced out of office.  In spite of all that, he continues to make progress in weeding out the “bad seed” hidden in government.  Much more yet to go.  As they see their power begin to fade, the Left continues to attack him consistently regardless of the lack of truth in their assertions.

What can we do about it? Many things.  First of all we need to add to our “Things to Do List” staying involved all year in the political process.  We need to be contacting our Representatives telling them what we want them to do or not do.  We need to find strong candidates and support them.  If that is an incumbent, fine, but if you have an incumbent not doing his/her job, you need to work to primary them and against them in the election if your person is from the opposing party.  Establishment Republicans bank on the fact that if they can clear a primary they will get your support as the lesser of two evils.  Most of us will still vote.  A few will stay home in protest. However, some will vote but omit certain positions because there is no real difference.

We all see the Leftist cesspool our Courts have become.  They do not interpret laws but instead make up laws that support their beliefs.  An example of how bad it is can be found in the judicial rulings about Trump’s travel bans.  When a Supreme Court made up of 4 on the Left, 4 on the Right and a swing vote, votes 9 to 0 to uphold his Travel ban, a ban suspended by great majorities in several West Coast Courts, you get the idea how bad the lower courts are infested with liberal extremists.  What can we do? Tell the Senate to stay in session and start passing the nominees from Trump’s Administration to fill the 100 federal judgeships currently open.

We need to get over our innate belief to avoid disagreements and look for compromises to avoid those disagreements.  The Left banks on your willingness to avoid confrontation and counts on your desire for peace to give them most of what they want. Fact:  they never will be satisfied.

Be prepared to defend your beliefs on the Constitution, Freedom of Speech and Religion.  Do not walk away from a political discussion.  Remember the Left will never like you nor support any belief that does not allow them to do as they will.  Get used to that.

It is time to take from our already busy lives the time to defend our Religious Beliefs, our Cultural beliefs and our Political and Economic system.  We have a man in office who is doing everything he can to bring back America to its greatness and make it even better having learned from our mistakes.  He needs our support and he needs to hear us support him.

The Left are cowards when they are challenged.  Time to get on the Trump Train for the long haul to make America a place where people can succeed regardless of where they started. WE MUST GET INVOLVED IF TRUMP IS TO BE SUCCESSFUL. It will be a long haul but a necessary one for our families and our Country.    

Bill Moore