By Bill Moore

You would have to be living under a rock to not see the most important item in the news.  No it is not North Korea, China, The Budget, Tax reform,  Repeal or Replace Obama care.  It is in fact Confederate statues that represent “something” that offends a group of people.  It does not matter if these same people later changed their minds and or actions.  Another question worth asking would be:  “Why were these monuments not a problem in the 8 years of the Obama Administration?” 

The best laugh out of the Left is their stated belief that they want to remove these statues or monuments in order to “Unite America“.   The reality is that it will do just the opposite.  It will continue to tear America in half.  In fact I suspect that it is part of a greater plan to undermine the Constitution as one written by “slavers” and thus reduce the effects of the Bill of Rights.  If these Amendments were written by Slave  owners, the Left  believes that they could get a ruling that would allow them to curtail speech they do not like, minimize the effects of religion, and severely curtail 2nd Amendment rights.

With all that said let us review the issues surrounding these monument removals or defacing.   Another argument being surfaced is that it is necessary to remove all monuments that support or glorify the Confederacy and Slavery.   It would appear to me that keeping them would remind people of how bad slavery was and is as it is still in effect in a major part of the world.   The Death Camps of the Nazis are still in existence and used as monuments as a way of educating new generations of the evils of the Nazis.  Maybe by keeping these monuments in place it would stimulate additional  discussion on the evils of Slavery thus educating a new generation to these issues.  Destruction of Monuments and statues is cutting the ties to the Past and the lessons of History.   This is something that ISIS and other dictators often do.

Another point worth talking about is the removal of specific statues honoring Confederate generals. Granted, they led an uprising against the Government but they and their soldiers were given pardons for these offenses.   I am against slavery in any form but the Majority of Rebels were not slave owners. It is true that slave ownership varied by state in the South.  Percentages of Slave owning families in Southern states ran from 13% up to 49%.   There were in fact a few Free Black Land owners that also owned slaves.  It was Lincoln that wanted to quickly get the Civil War behind us and in 1863, while the Civil War was still being fought, issued a proclamation on Reconstruction that would allow Rebels and Southern States to regain their rights in the Union.  In fact in 1958 Congress passed Public Law 85-424.  This provided pensions to widows of veterans who served in the military and naval forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.

After Lincoln’s death, Johnson became President.  On May 29th, 1865 Johnson issued a proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon to all those who participated in the rebellion against the United States.  There were 14 leaders of the Confederacy that were denied this opportunity.   These 14 had to make a special application to the President to get their pardons.  Robert E. Lee sent his application in through General Grant to President Johnson in June 1865.   In October 1864 he signed the Amnesty Oath which was part of the Johnson proclamation.  It was “lost” in the US State Department and was not discovered until 100 years later.  In 1975, Congress granted Lee his full citizenship rights by a Joint Resolution that dated back to June 1865.  In August 1975, President Ford, at the signing ceremony for Lee’s Citizenship said “General Lee’s character has been an example to succeeding generations, making the restoration of his citizenship an event in which every American can take pride.”  

In October 1978, President Jimmy Carter took a similar action officially restoring the full citizenship rights of former Confederate President Jefferson Davis, based on a Joint resolution from Congress.  The Resolution read in part “In posthumously restoring the full rights of citizenship to Jefferson Davis, the Congress officially completes the long process of reconciliation that has reunited our people following the tragic conflict between the States,”

So these two Civil war Confederate leaders were not only  pardoned but granted the rights of full citizenship.  Explain to me why their monuments are a problem?  If the answer is that they lead a revolt in support of slavery?

Let’s consider that for a minute.  If we applied that standard to everything then:

  • Streets named after Malcolm X would need to be changed as it offends some based on his earlier racial comments.
  • Ban funding of Planned Parenthood whose founder was Margaret Sanger. She was quoted in her ‘Plan for Peace” document to offer abortions/birth control to apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.  In addition, to insure the country against future burdens of maintenance for numerous offspring as may be born of feebleminded parents, by pensioning all persons with transmissible disease who voluntarily consent to sterilization.
  • The Democratic Party historically is the party of slavery. Ban the Party?
  • The Democratic Party is the party of Jim Crow laws.  Again Ban the Party?
  • The Democratic Party fought civil rights for a century. It took Republicans to unite to pass the 1964 Civil rights laws.  Does the Democratic Party have a right to exist?
  • The Southern Democratic Party started the KKK in a response to the Republicans and Blacks controlling the Southern states after the Civil War.
  • Senator Robert Byrd was once a leader of the KKK and a major Democratic leader. One of his greatest admirers was/is Hillary Clinton who admits that he was her mentor.  In fact, Bill Clinton spoke warmly at his funeral defending Byrd’s earlier KKK ties.  Should any statues of Byrd be taken down? Close the Clinton Library?

I could continue these examples but the point is the Left/ Democratic Party is willing to attack and destroy anything that stands in their way of subverting nationalism in support of Globalism. They will consistently attack anything that they can use to divide this Nation.  It will never be enough as the purpose remain division.  They employ dual standards.  Republicans must take a stand on any action in order for them to use it against them in the next election.  Yet when it is their own people, everything is forgiven.   It is time for rational people to come together and stop this madness.  If we sit back and do nothing it will be another notch in the Progressive move to Globalism as they seek to undermine Nationalism in the United States.  Write Congress, write the newspapers, call into radio shows, demonstrate.  There are more of us than you think.  The only thing that allows evil to exist is for good people to sit back and do nothing. 

Shades of the Book:  1984!!!!!!