By Bill Moore

NETFLIX has been a major part of my family’s TV use as we can look for original shows or old seasons for the newer ones. The movies tend to be older but worth watching again; however, I am now being forced by NETFLIX to cancel my subscription.

Two separate but yet related events are forcing me to cancel this subscription.  Being a person of principles and a Conservative, I believe in the Free Market.  However, though a business has the right to do whatever they want so long as it does not hurt people, so do the consumers.  As a consumer I cannot stand by and condone what they are doing.

In case you are not aware, NETFLIX has announced they are hiring Susan Rice to be a member of their Board of Directors.  NETFLIX CEO Hastings says of her qualifications:  “For decades, she has tackled difficult, complex global issues with intelligence, integrity and insight and we look forward to benefiting from her experience and wisdom”.

Yes, this is the Susan Rice who was Ambassador to the United Nations, and National Security Advisor under President Obama.  The same person who lied to the public about Benghazi claiming the attack was the result of a film.  This is the same person who was involved in the illegal unmasking of Americans who were wiretapped illegally by the Federal Government.  I guess that these facts do not matter to the Leftist Leaning NETFLIX.

Add to that their negotiating with the Obamas to begin to stream a show for NETFLIX.  Although not yet finalized, suggestions for the shows content would include inspirational themes, nutrition, and topics that may include hot issues like Immigration, Health Care or Nuclear Weapons.  This is an opportunity for Obama to get direct communication with the 118 million who currently subscribe to NETFLIX, well beyond his current social media accounts.  One analyst estimates this could be worth up to $500 million for this show.

Add to that CNN’s report on President Obama’s statement during a recent trip to Japan.  He hopes that his Foundation, formed in 2014, will develop a platform for young leaders both inside and outside the United States.  He wants to create a digital platform for an exchange of ideas and information.  His most frightening statement was:  “If I could do that effectively, then I would create a hundred, or a thousand, or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas.”  He continued, “The single most important thing I could do is to help develop the next generation.”

Those thoughts threaten the very core of our Nation’s beliefs. Obama has never been a great fan of the Constitution and in fact often complained how it hampered what he wanted to do. Can you imagine the harm he might do if he had both a successful platform to spread his beliefs and the cash to help those beliefs to be implemented?

I tried to contact NETFLIX and share my concerns but to no avail.  Finally getting to a person to talk to, she was not interested in my comments but did readily offer to cancel my subscription not worrying for a minute over the loss of income to the company.  Again what is one subscription in 118 million?

For the above reasons I must cancel my subscription to NETFLIX and I urge you to join me.  If enough of us do so, maybe they will begin to listen.  Either way do you want Susan Rice determining how your money is spent?  Do you want to help fund the spread of the Obama doctrine throughout the Country and the World?

I’m canceling NETFLIX!!!!  Will You?