By Bill Moore

The Election of 2018 is now squarely in our rear view mirror. At best the results could be considered mixed. From the Democratic side they regained control of the House of Representatives, broke the supermajority in the North Carolina General Assembly and in some cases won various seats and control at the local levels like the County Commissioners. They gained seats on School Boards or actually won control in some cases. Democrats gained control of a few more Governors mansions. The Democrats also regained some control of some state legislatures.

On the Republican side, the Republicans made gains in the US Senate, and although did lose some seats at all levels the expected Blue Wave never materialized. Yet now is not the time to rest on our laurels. You can bet the Democrats are already in full operational mode for the 2020 Election as they look to expand on their wins, possibly gain control of the White House, the US Senate,  more governorships, state houses and control of local governments.

Yet Republicans continue to suffer from not planning for 2020 or starting to campaign until Labor Day 2020, the traditional time we start campaigning. Unless we start treating this as a complete cultural war we will again allow the Democrats the time to organize attacks, improperly label our candidates and build momentum on their terms going into 2020.

How do we fight back? First, we start working on 2020 now not in 2020. County Party Officials need to start raising money now so the war chests have enough funds to support our candidates, not have the candidates support the Local Party. The goal should be a minimum of $30- 50,000.00. Not only should we support the candidates, it would provide funds to counter the lies and distortions the Democrats would be spreading long before Election Day 2020.

Next we must vet our candidates so there will be no surprises during the election process by running the best qualified candidates for a position. We must also get much better at the use of social media to get out our message. In addition, we must greatly expand our outreach to non –traditional voters to expand our base. Committees must be established immediately to study and increase methods of outreach including social media. If we believe we have the correct methods of solving our nation’s problems then we must believe by outreaching our views it will gather additional voters to our cause.

The next action’s the Party needs to take is to establish strong precincts, staff them and offer continuous training to the precinct chairs and precinct members. By doing so, we can establish a base of voters that will help man the polls both inside and out. Finding enough poll watchers is always an issue and staffing the outside during Election Day and Early Voting is a traditional problem. This should also provide additional staffing to man a Victory Center.

Republicans are in a full time culture war for control of the nation’s direction. Democrats are in full action mode to further their gains in 2020. Failure to take action now gives the Democrats an advantage we may not be able to overcome if we wait to engage them until late 2020. We must start now if we expect great success in 2020.  Failure to do so short changes both President Trump and candidates up and down the line that support our beliefs. It is time to demand the Parties at all levels start preparing for 2020 immediately.