As the term of President Trump ends I cannot help but remember an old custom that was started in the US Calvary and was passed on for generations to Soldiers in what evolved into the Armor branch of the Army. As transfers or retirements happen we never said goodbye. The last words were “Until our Next Post”. This meant that we would be together again sometime in the future.

I want to personally join with tens of millions of Americans to thank President Donald Trump for his service to the Nation and all he accomplished in the 4 years he was President. From the first day that he took office he was under constant scrutiny and attack from leftist Democrats and their Media Cronies. I am not sure an ordinary person and family could have survived the daily assaults but not only did he do so, he accomplished a great deal.

I want to thank you for putting America First and making decisions that were for the good of every American regardless of race, gender or politics. Thank you for developing an economy that prior to COVID had the highest employment levels in the History of our Nation. It included major employment strides in minority employment. Finally everyone was getting part of the American Dream.
You cut taxes for all so that business had more money to hire and people had more money to spend. You worked successfully on returning jobs from overseas to America. Car manufacturing and other forms of manufacturing returned to our shores creating even more jobs. Your successes in renegotiating the NAFTA and Pacific Trade Agreements were a major part of this plan.

You worked hard to decrease Regulations as you realized how some of them were choking businesses and stopping others from starting. As a businessman you realized that when regulations were pared back Small Business would begin to flourish and more jobs were to be created.

You rebuilt our Military so they were again second to none in the World. Being future minded you created Space Force to deal with the possible issues from Space in the future.

You forced our allies to meet their obligations to pay for their costs of international agreements. NATO and the UN are prime examples. You quieted North Korea and Iran. Your actions made the Middle East a safer place by your Administration’s landmark agreements between Israel and four Arab nations. You were nominated for four Noel Peace prizes for your work in the Middle East but for political reasons were denied them. You challenged China both economically and militarily.

On the domestic front your administration allowed Fracking and cleared the way for the Canadian Pipe line which not only created thousands of jobs but made the United States both independent for Energy and in fact an exporter of Energy.

In spite of Establishment Media and Democratic claims, you were not anti- immigrant. You realized the varied issues of Illegal Immigration and addressed them. You started building a wall to stop the flow of illegals into the country as they were talking jobs from Americans who could not find work. In addition you realized stopping the flow of illegals was in fact protecting them as they were easy prey for Drug Cartels, rapists and those who would take advantage of their labor. You supported legal immigration and what those legal immigrants could add to the Nation.

You worked with minority groups to change the laws for sentencing for non- violent offenders. You worked with parents who wanted to do away with Common Core and return control of the schools back to the local districts away from the federal government. You fought to have High School graduates understand the value of what the Founding Fathers did and to appreciate the Constitution and the liberties it guaranteed.

Again you did all this under constant verbal bombardment from the Establishment Press and the Leftist Democrats. Such a verbal blitzkrieg has never been seen before. They tried unsuccessfully to impeach you and are trying again even though it is against the Constitution to do so. Why? Not because you did anything wrong but because they have never been so scared and angry at one man. You stopped a Socialist takeover and brought back American Exceptionalism. They were trying for a Globalist Society and you stood against them.

The most amazing part of all this was the fact you and your family did not need this aggravation. You and your family are well off financially yet you all felt the need to represent the Common man and woman in a fight to maintain American Values. I and millions of others will not forget that. As I watched you leave on the 20th, I was filled with both pride and sadness. We are Proud of all your accomplishments in the face of unyielding assault. Yet sad that you were forced to leave public office before you were done based on serious indications of voter tampering. Your final statements indicate that you will be back in some form and so I will close with pride in your accomplishments and say-