By Bill Moore

Anyone that knows me is aware of my support for Capitalism and my belief in the Free Market. However, when Capitalists use Government to line their pockets at the expense of the American workers, it is time to expose and oppose the situation. Believe it or not this expose’ was done by CBS News.

We are all pleased when foreign automobile companies decide to build plants in the United States, mostly in the South.  We are also pleased for the Americans living in those areas as we know it is a major job creator.  What has not been apparent is the role of our Federal Government in allowing foreign workers to build the plants at the expense of local construction workers.  The Feds are either purposefully allowing this misuse of VISA laws to happen or their lack of follow up and caring for AMERICANS has created a climate that allows it to flourish.

Companies like BMW receive massive tax breaks to open plants in parts of the United States. The thought being that employment of Americans will enrich the local economy, workers and their families.

Unfortunately the bottom line is that mega corporations jumped into the action.  They contracted with  Agencies in Europe to provide workers to build the plants.  These workers mostly come from Eastern Europe.  Why is simple.  These workers were paid about $10/ hour to build the plant.  Contrast that with the cost of American Construction workers that earn 5 times or more than that amount.

Your initial response might be “so what”!  In the long term American workers benefit.  So if they save some money short term, no big deal.  The problem is that this scenario was replicated by Mercedes in Alabama, Tesla in California, Volkswagen in Tennessee and Volvo at their American Plant.

The issue is the VISA that they receive to work here.  B1 &  B2 VISAs allow workers to come to the US to fill high tech jobs, be supervisors or run complicated equipment. These VISA’s  are good for up to 10 years, thus allowing the users to come and go to do temporary construction work.  They are housed and fed by the company that contracts to provide the labor to the car company. They go home with their pay generally tax free.

To CBS New’s credit, this story has caused these plants to change their method of hiring construction workers.   CBS reports that Local Americans were being hired to fill the vacant slots of the foreign workers who suddenly returned home. These companies decided to change their hiring practice though not admitting any blame and placing that blame squarely on the companies they hired to provide the labor.

The larger questions are the following:

  1. How rampant is this issue in other companies that bring in foreign workers in lieu of American workers?
  2. Are these B1B2 workers actually experts in tech area, supervisors or are they common workers brought in to lower the costs thereby hurting other Americans and their families by denying them jobs?
  3. Why is the Federal Government not checking the work sites for these companies to ensure these guest workers are doing the jobs their VISA’s state? Why are the Feds not tracking these ‘Guest Workers”?

Yet with our new Administration’s motto ‘America First’  being implemented on both foreign and economic issues, we have Big Business again kissing  up to Government to get cheap labor at the expense of unemployed Americans.

For example, NC Senator Tillis is holding up a nomination of a Trump appointee, Lee Francis Cissna.  He was nominated to be the Director of the Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Tillis has held up the nomination until 15,000 additional H2B VISAS are issued to allow additional foreign labor to enter the country for up to 10 months to work in hotels, seafood processing plants, landscaping and resorts in 3 states. This is in addition to the 66,000 already approved. That is almost 100k jobs that will not be available for American Workers.  Why? They work for signicant less money.

The general retort is that American workers will not do these jobs.  Reality is that the majority of workers in these fields are Americans.  They will work but not for the low pay “guest workers” are willing to accept.  Yes, it will that mean that there will be some rise in cost as workers will be paid more?  I for one will be willing to pay the additional cost in order to help other Americans get the employment they are looking for.

In this case Business is more concerned about its bottom line than fellow Americans.  They are willing to cozy up to Politicians to get what they want and Politicians are willing to comply due to campaign donations, etc.

It is time for all of us to put All Americans First.  Business must do its part in hiring Americans where possible.  Politicians must think of their constituents not the business donations when they allow more workers in at the expense of American jobs. The Feds must do their jobs and ensure those “Guest Workers” that are allowed to come are here for the right reasons as Supervisors or as high tech people. They must not be allowed in to cut the costs of business’s bottom line in low skilled jobs or jobs where there are many available qualified American Workers.  Being Pro Business and Free Markets are one thing.  Crony Capitalism quite another.

This is the only way we can MAKE AMERICA FIRST !!!!!