By Bill Moore

The one term I hear from the Left that should tell you exactly where they are coming from is “New Normal”. It is a term they use to describe what they think should become the new norms of our society after some sort of crisis. You need to go back no further than the Obama Administration to find examples of the leftist term “new normal”.

If you remember as the United States and in fact the world started recovering from the economic disasters of 2007-2008, the term has it modern debut. Remember the economy started recovering but jobs had a major lag in recovery. President Obama stated the ‘new normal’ was an economic jobless recovery. He told the nation and the world that the “new normal” would be a growth rate at 2% or under. That would be the “new normal” for future growth.

He also declared a “new normal” in trade agreements and relations with Nations of the World. He negotiated agreements that gave advantages to other nations and in fact hurt our economic engine. But that was the Left’s” New Normal’. Loss of jobs and business leaving to go overseas was acceptable so long as we apologized for our superior economy and our “superior attitude” by giving in to these nations demands. This included signing agreements that hampered our businesses from competing with in the Nations in the agreement while allowing those same nations special privileges to export to our nation.

Fast forward to today. We are slowly coming out of a national lockdown that allowed states to take extraordinary methods in violation of people’s rights. We are recovering from a pandemic where about 97-98% of those contracting the disease do recover. We have had the Governors shut down each state and cause major economic issues. People have been forced to stay home and isolate in case they might get this disease. Constitutional rights were violated in the name of Public Safety. Some state forced all religious centers to close in violation of the 1st amendment. Funny how it was okay to go to Walmart or some other large store but attending church services was forbidden. Some states even banned drive in churches.

Our right to assemble was also taken away as in most states groups larger than 10 were forbidden and social distancing was the word of the day. Interesting that in some states prisoners were released early for fear of the virus but people who gather in large groups or do not wear masks were being arrested in jailed. So were businesses that opened early, some owners were jailed. I ask several interesting questions. If the masks are effective then why did they not require them and keep businesses open? Why were the prisoners not given masks and left in jail? If the masks are not effective why are we being told to wear them?

My worst fear is the Left is considering these actions as the “New Normal”. It is my fear they will assume or try to enforce these actions with every new virus or unusual event. They will again try to shut the nation down. It is my hope there are enough of us to ban together and stop this power grab. Make no mistake about it is a power grab hidden in the wrapper of “Public safety” If you don’t believe it I submit what they are trying to do pass and do under this public safety guise. In an attempt to steal an election they are pushing for mail in voting only. We can stand in lines to shop but not to vote? Mail in voting allows the Left to find tubs of ballots mailed in late as they need them.

Trillions of dollars spend mostly on non- disease issues. Grants to colleges and other democratic pet projects were the rule. Many of the groups receiving the grants turned around and donated at least part of it tot eh Democratic Party. Think of what this Nation would be like if we allow the Democrats to take control of all branches of government. This might actually become “THE NEW NORMAL”

Vote Republican to this “New Normal”!!!!!!